(Solution) 11.The Figure Given Below Represents Two Indifference Curves I 1 And I2 Of An Individual. Figure 7.2 Refer To Figure 7.2. Which Of The Following | Snapessays.com

(Solution) 11.The figure given below represents two indifference curves I 1 and I2 of an individual. Figure 7.2 Refer to Figure 7.2. Which of the following

Please help with my microeconomics HW. It is multiple choice.  6 Questions11.The fgure given below represents two indiFerence curves I




and I




o± an individual.


Figure 7.2


Re±er to ²igure 7.2. Which o± the ±ollowing statements is true?


a. I2 represents a greater level o± sa³s±ac³on than I1.


b. Points A and E yield the same level o± sa³s±ac³on.


c. Point C yields a lower level o± sa³s±ac³on than point D.


d. Point B yields a greater level o± sa³s±ac³on than point C.


e. Point B yields a greater level o± sa³s±ac³on than point D.


12.Assume that a consumer purchases a combina³on o± products X and Y and MUx / Px = 75 u³ls per


dollar and MUy / Py = 50 u³ls per dollar. To maximize u³lity without spending more dollars, the


consumer should buy:


a. less o± Y only i± the price o± Y increases.


b. more o± both X and Y.


c. more o± X and less o± Y.


d. more o± Y and less o± X.


e. less o± both X and Y.


13.The diFerent combina³ons o± any two goods that an individual can aFord to purchase, given his


income and prices, is shown by:


a. a budget line.


b. a demand curve.


c. an indiFerence curve.


d. a supply curve.


e. an indiFerence map.


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