(Solution) 11/28/ 2013 MANISH AGRAWAL, GRANDON GILL MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY AT VOLOGY1 When Our Customers Come Back, It Is For Price And Speed... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) 11/28/ 2013 MANISH AGRAWAL, GRANDON GILL MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY AT VOLOGY1 When our customers come back, it is for price and speed...

READ the Case Study titled, Mobile Application Development Strategy at Vology1 (Links to an external site.).Using the case study and outside resources, research the current market trends in mobile computing and social media metrics used in business. Apply what you learned from the current trends and issues to the mobile application development strategy at Vology1.What is currently the top mobile operating system? Identify current and future trends in mobile operating system sales. If you were to invest in creating an application for your business, which operating system would you use to allow for the application to be used on a mobile device? Which operating system did Vology1 decide to use in their mobile strategy? What factors were taken into consideration when determining which operating system to use? Provide at least three tools currently being used to collect social media metrics. What business questions might you be able to answer using social media metrics? How might Vology1 be able to use these metrics?Volume 2




Case Number 13,




11/28/ 2013








When our customers come back, it is for price and speed of delivery


John Dionne, Director of software development at Vology, one of the fastest-growing companies in the


Tampa Bay area, had been thinking hard the last few days about different options for developing mobile


applications. While he was proud of his existing application portfolio and the way his team supported the


company’s business, it seemed that all everybody – customers, suppliers, even internal employees –


wanted from him was mobile apps. And this had been driving most of his thinking and research the last


few weeks.


The sudden emergence of a persistent demand for mobile applications from his base of generally satisfied


users had initially taken John by surprise. He knew he was doing a good job. His company’s business was


growing much faster than the rest of the economy, and his team was supporting this growth with minimal


application downtime. However, after researching the landscape, he could sympathize with his users.


Seemingly overnight, many factors had converged to render obsolete many of his assumptions about


technology. For one, general purpose smart-phones were now more functional than many special-purpose


hardware devices. As a result, for the first time that he had experienced in his life, users carried more so-


phisticated personal devices than the company-issued devices. Naturally, users found it very convenient


to do as much work as possible using one device – their own personal device. Having understood this dy-


namic, he realized that the demand for mobile applications was no passing fad, and it was in his interests


to respond to the demand and “get with the times.”


But, since the domain was so new, there had not yet emerged in the industry any consensus on “best prac-


tices” for developing mobile applications. He could wait until some best practices and standards had


emerged. But by then, at least some competitors would have developed something and gotten an edge


over Vology. Or, he could take the risk of trying to figure out things on his own, making mistakes along


the way, and paying for them from his own limited budget. Didn’t someone say, “


experience keeps a dear


school, but fools will learn from no other




Based on his discussions with industry professionals, he seemed to have three major options: (1) use


HTML/ JQuery to create web applications; (2) use platform-specific developer tools to create platform-


specific applications; (3) use RAD tools such as Sencha


and RhoMobile to create platform-neutral web-


based applications.




Copyright © 2013,


Informing Science Institute


. This case was prepared for the purpose of class discussion, and not


to illustrate the effective or ineffective handling of an administrative situation. Names and some information have


been disguised. Permission is granted to copy and distribute this case for non-commercial purposes, in both printed


and electronic formats.


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