(Solution) 1120 U. Corporation Income Tax Return Form Department Of The Treasury Internal Revenue Service A Check If: B Life/nonlife Consolidated Return . 2... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) 1120 U. Corporation Income Tax Return Form Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service A Check if: b Life/nonlife consolidated return . 2...

Read p. 513 (be sure that you also read the background information on Red Jacket) - 517.  Your assignment is to analyze their speeches using the following prompts : "Speech of Red Jacket"Analyze his use of logic in his rejection of Christianity.  Be sure your analysis includes your opinion about the success or failure of his logic and at least  four different direct quotes from the speech.  Your response should be 7 - 10 sentences in length.   "Speech of Tecumseh" Analyze the purpose of this speech, his tone, and his description of whites.  Again, be sure you are including several direct quotes to support your ideas. Your response should be 7 - 10 sentences in length. Discussion Question: Compare and contrast all the writing styles covered thus far in the course.  How is it evolving?  How is it staying the same?  Be sure your answer is 8 - 10 sentences in length and includes specific references to several readings you have read so far this semester.Dates


I date the peak of the movement as beginning about 1820, ciTng publicaTon of Bryant’s


“±hanatopsis” (1817), Irving’s Sketch Book (1819-1820), and Cooper’s ±he Pioneers (1823),


although I menTon that the RomanTc vision operates far earlier in the works, for instance, of


Philip Freneau (e.g., “±he Wild Honey Suckle,” 1786) and William Bartram (±ravels, 1791). I


inform students that the beginning year of most literary movements is di²cult to establish and


that they could come across a beginning date for American RomanTcism as early as 1800 and as


late as 1830.


Scholars are more certain of the closing date, ciTng either the beginning or the end of the Civil


War as the conclusion of this peak period of RomanTcism. I also note that strains of


RomanTcism are found in the early Realists and conTnue right into our own Tme, especially in


popular culture art forms.


Reasons for Its Development


±he breakup of New England Calvinist sects and the emergence of the Unitarian Church. ±he


Puritans did not establish a culture that encouraged literary forms like the novel, drama, or a


secular poetry. Literary imaginaTon was con³ned by religious convicTon and dogma. When


Calvinism dissipated as a cultural power – though its shaping force can sTll be felt – it no longer


held such a Tght reign on the literary imaginaTon of New England, which came to dominate


American literature throughout the nineteenth century.


±he in´uence of French, English and German RomanTcs, like Rousseau, Wordsworth, Coleridge,


Carlyle, Scoµ, Shelley, Keats, Herder, Kant, and Goethe. All seemed to be responding to the


Enlightenment raTonalism and the Neoclassicism of the previous age.


±he rise of a poliTcal naTonalism fueled the desire for a cultural naTonalism, or said another


way, poliTcal maturity and greatness demanded a corresponding imaginaTve maturity and






Rather than aµempt a de³niTon of RomanTcism, I ³nd it more useful to present a list of


characterisTcs. However, such a list does not imply that all RomanTc writers feature all or even


a majority of these characterisTcs in their work. Authors and literary movements are never so




A sense of wonder infuses RomanTc works. ±he RomanTc vision sees the extraordinary in the


ordinary. Everything is meaningful, alive, and interconnected, so that the universe can reveal


itself in something as seemingly ordinary as a drop of water to Emerson or a blade of grass to


Whitman. ±his a¶tude inspires RomanTc works with an emoTonal vitality.


±he RomanTcs favor the emoTons, intuiTon, and imaginaTon over the intellect, scienT³c, and


raTonal. ±hey can be anT-intellectual. (Consider Emerson’s statement in “±he American


Scholar”: “Books are for the scholar’s idle Tmes. When he can read God directly [in nature], the


hour is too precious to be wasted in other men’s transcripts of their readings.”)


±he RomanTcs believe in the potenTality of all things. Man is innately good, and if let alone,


can achieve great things. ±he RomanTcs are o·en anT-authoritarian and anT-insTtuTon. ±he


untutored and those most remote from civilizaTon, like children and Indians, are o·en idealized


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