(Solution) 11th Edition FINANCIAL & MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING Warren/Reeve/Duchac Chapters 24-25 Score % Name Course Section Section Test 10 TEST 8... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) 11th Edition FINANCIAL & MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING Warren/Reeve/Duchac Chapters 24-25 Score % Name Course Section Section Test 10 TEST 8...

having problems figuring out question 1 desired profit from production and sale of product TYR (second page) any tips or formula needed11th Edition


FINANCIAL & MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING Warren/Reeve/Duchac Chapters 24–25 Score               % Name                                                        Course                Section                   Section Test 10 https://www.coursehero.com/tutors-problems/Business/9087201 9087201 For this assignment, choose an article to review about effective public speaking. Write a review of the article that includes the following Please provide a 2-page response as per the attachment.For this assignment, choose an arTcle to review about efecTve public speaking. Write a review o± the arTcle that includes the ±ollowing in±ormaTon: ? Brie²y introduce and summarize the arTcle. ? IdenT±y the author’s main points. ? Who is the author’s intended audience? ? How does the arTcle apply to this course? Does it support the in±ormaTon in your textbook? ? How could the author expand on the main points? ³he arTcle review must be at least two pages in length, not counTng the Ttle and re±erence page. Format your paper using APA style guidelines. https://www.coursehero.com/tutors-problems/Business/9087203 9087203 Part A Create a project and in it a class with a main. We will be using the Scanner class to read from the user. At the top of your main class, after... Part ACreate a project and in it a class with a main.  We will be using the Scanner class to read from the user. At the top of your main class, after the package statement, paste import java.util.Scanner;As the first line inside your main method, pasteScanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);In order to read from the user, we use the Scanner like this:int x = scan.nextInt(); // read an int


double d = scan.nextDouble(); // read a double


String s = scan.next(); // read a StringA1 In your main, use a for loop and ask the user for 10 numbers.  At the end, report to the user what the largest and smallest numbers entered were.   (hint: you do not need to store all the numbers, only the largest and smallest you have seen so far).  You can assume that all the numbers are between (inclusive) 0 and 1000, so no number will be smaller than 0 or larger than 1000.*[EC+15 also find the second largest number]A2 Then do the same as part A1 but with a while loop that allows the user to enter any number of numbers (use a sentinel value to stop)Part BB1 In the same project add a class Account with an instance variable to store the balance and one to store the interest rate (both doubles).B2 Add a toString that returns something like$4583.02 (interest rate 10%)if the balance was 4583.02 and the interest was .1  (note that 0.1 is 10%, 0.5 is 50%, 1.0 is 100%, etc)B3 If you have bal dollars in an account which gets i% interest, then after one year you will have (i +1)*bal dollars.  After two years you will have (i+1)*(i+1)*bal dollars, after three (i+1)*(i+1)*(i+1)*bal dollars, and so on, so we multiply by (i + 1) once for each year to get the new amount based on the previous year's amount.  Add to Account a methodpublic void showGrowth(int years)This will allow us to pass in a number for how many years. In showGrowth, write a for loop that finds how many dollars would be in the account for each year up to the given number of years.  Print each value.Note that the code in the for loop to do this is very simple.  Don't overthink it.  No credit will be given for using special math methods to do the work for you.    (Do not change the balance stored for the account when doing this!!! It is always okay to create temporary local variables.)B4 In the same main as part A, Ask the user for a balance and a percent interest (a double).*[EC+15 use a loop to keep asking until you get a value for percent between 0 and 100]. Set up an Account based on the information given.  (If the user says 10% interest, remember that this should be stored in the account as 0.1)Then ask the user for a number of years, and call showGrowth for the account using the given number of years.


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