(Solution) 12 Angry Men, 1957 Movie, With Henry Fonda, Dealing With A 12 Person Jury Charged With Deciding The Guilt Or Innocence Of A Young Man Charged With... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) 12 Angry Men, 1957 Movie, with Henry Fonda, dealing with a 12 person jury charged with deciding the guilt or innocence of a young man charged with...

I need the attached paper refreshed/rewritten. Please read the attached instructions for the paper.12 Angry Men, 1957 Movie, with Henry Fonda, dealing with a 12 person jury charged with


deciding the guilt or innocence of a young man charged with murdering his father.


It is required that you rent, purchase, borrow or obtain this movie and watch it whatever number


of times (Note: The movie is posted within the course, itself.) required for you to construct a


paper that responds to the following requirements. In addition, the movie is incorporated into the


course content:


Page 1 – Cover Title Page


Page 2 – Brief list of the major case issues that are instrumental in deciding the jury conclusion.


Pages 3-8: Jury Member No. 8, Character played by Henry Fonda. Address the following three


(3) questions in a minimum of six (6) pages:




a) How would you describe his negotiations approach?




b) There are at least forty (40) Negotiations techniques defined and discussed in the


course Please identify at least ten (10) that Juror No. 8 used during this movie. Also,


clearly describe the circumstance where in the movie he used such technique(s). Then


describe the result from its use.




c) Identify at least two (2) compromises that he had made? Explain what they were and


the effective result of


Pages 9-13: From your list of ten (10) Negotiations techniques that Juror No. 8 used, compose a


minimum of five (5) pages to complete a) and b) below:




a) Select five (5) and write a detailed explanation of how your use of these techniques


could be applied in your personal and business




b) For ech of the five (5) chosen techniques, write and explain the result you would hope


to achieve by use of that


Pages 14-16: Jury Member No. 4, Character played by E.G. Marshall. Address the following


questions. This will require a minimum of three (3) pages:




a) How would you describe this individual’s negotiations strategy and approach? Use the


terminology defined from the text and how he implements that approach and




b) What was the basis of his “guilty” analysis? Explain his justification for each




c) What negotiations techniques were employed by Juror 8 to change Juror No. 4's mind


and vote differently? Explain the circumstances and detail involved.


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