(Solution) 12 Chapter A4148 23218 6/8/01 6:25 PM Page 361 12Initiating Objectives After Reading This Chapter, You Will Be Able To: Understand The Importance Of... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) 12 Chapter A4148 23218 6/8/01 6:25 PM Page 361 12Initiating Objectives After reading this chapter, you will be able to: Understand the importance of...

With help of attached document please answer the following questions. These are the questions of Closing chapter of attached document.1) Describe the key processes and outputs of the project closing process group. Describe some of the outputs of closing the ResNet project.2) Review the goals of the ResNet final audit report. What was the focus of the audit? Why was it important to document the methodology assumptions? What other questions could be included in a final project audit? 12




After reading this chapter, you will be able to:


1. Understand the importance of initiating projects that add value to an




2. Discuss the background of ResNet at Northwest Airlines


3. Distinguish among the three major projects involved in ResNet


4. Appreciate the importance of top management support on ResNet


5. Discuss key decisions made early in the project by the project manager


6. Relate some of the early events in ResNet to concepts described in


previous chapters


7. Discuss some of the major events early in the project that helped set the stage


for project success


ay Beauchine became Vice President of Reservations at Northwest


Airlines (NWA) in 1992. One area that had continually lost


money for the company was the reservations call center. Fay developed


a new vision and philosophy for the reservations call center that was


instrumental in turning this area around. She persuaded people to


understand that they needed to focus on sales and not just service.


Instead of monitoring the number of calls and length of calls, it was


much more important to focus on the number of sales made through the


call centers. If potential customers were calling NWA directly, booking


the sale at that time was in the best interest of both the customer and


the airline. Additionally, a direct sale with the customer saved NWA


13 percent on the commission fees paid to travel agents and another


18 percent for related overhead costs.






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