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(Solution) 12.08 Cover Letters What is a Cover Letter?

12.08 Cover Letters



What is a Cover Letter?


§A cover letter introduces you to an employer by highlighting your interests, education, and experience as they apply to a particular employer.


§Cover letters should be personalized


§Cover letters work with resumes to get you to the next stage—the interview.



Organizing a Cover Letter


§Most cover letters are one page and have three to four paragraphs:


§Paragraph 1: Establish your reasons for writing, making particular reference to a desired position


§Paragraph 2 and possibly 3: Relate your interests, experience, and skills to the specific activities and needs of the employer. Use the job ad, if available, to determine the desired skills for the position. Show the employer how you can meet their needs and stress what you can bring to them.


§Final Paragraph


§Use the final paragraph to request the action that you seek.


§For example, say something like “opportunity to interview” letting them know that you would like an interview.


§Always close with a note of appreciation or thank you.



Cover Letter Guidelines


§Use the same paper, style, and font for both your resume and cover letter


§Use standard business letter format


§Use the name of the employer who will do the interviewing. If the job posting does not say, there are other means to finding out:


§Company literature


§Call and ask the receptionist


§If you still cannot find a name, use Hiring Manager or Personnel Director.


§Proofread your letter very carefully and avoid using spelling or grammatical errors.


§Try to mail the letter to avoid Monday delivery (Monday most businesses get tons of mail).


§Be sure to express your enthusiasm as well as your top skills




12.08 Assignment




Open a blank Word or Writer document. You will be creating a resume and cover letter to apply for one of the jobs you found in the 12.05 assignment.



First, write your resume. Your resume can be formatted however you’d like, but must include the following sections:


· Personal Information


· Career Objective


· Educatoin


· Experience



You may include additional sections if they apply to you. Follow the guidelines found in Lesson 12.07 when writing your resume. There is a sample you can view in Doc Sharing, but you must write your own resume.



Next, you’ll write your cover letter. The cover letter will come before the resume, it’s just a good idea to write your resume first. Your cover letter must follow the guidelines found in this lesson and must be in block style business letter format. Again, view the sample in Doc Sharing but write your own letter.



When you are finished, save your document and submit it to the dropbox. You’ll be graded as follows:







Resume contains personal contact information in correct format




Resume contains properly written career objective




Resume contains properly formatted education information




Resume contains properly formatted experience information




Resume is only one page




Resume uses an acceptable font style, size, and color




Resume has an overall good layout and appearance




Resume is free from errors




Cover letter has a properly formatted heading, including the date, sender’s address, and address of the company you are sending the letter to




Cover letter has an appropriately formatted greeting




The first paragraph establishes your reason for writing and refers to the desired position




The body paragraph(s) relate your skills, interests, education, and experiences to the needs of the employer




The closing paragraph requests action and thanks the reader for their time




There is a properly formatted closing and your name




There are no errors in the letter




Total Points


30 Points



The job is a police officer for the Riverside Police Department


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