(Solution) 13 Earthquakes Randa Harris 13.1 Introduction It Was The Deadliest Day In The History Of Mt. Everest. On April 25, 2015, A 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) 13 Earthquakes Randa Harris 13.1 Introduction It was the deadliest day in the history of Mt. Everest. On April 25, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake...

Hello,I am in need of assistance with completing my unit 13 Earthquakes lab, if possible I need it ASAP as it is due on 4/14 by 8 pm (eastern standard). This is for Valdosta State University (GEO 1011k)Page | 313




It was the deadliest day in the


history of Mt. Everest. On April


25, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earth




quake hit Nepal. This triggered


an avalanche that killed 19 climb-


ers on Mt. Everest. In Nepal, over


8,800 people died, and many more


were injured and made homeless.


Hundreds of aftershocks (smaller


earthquakes that follow a larger


earthquake) have occurred since


(Figure 13.1).


Earthquakes are not new to this


region. A similar death toll was ex-


perienced in a 1934 earthquake, and


many other smaller earthquakes


have occurred within historical


times. An 1833 quake of similar


magnitude resulted in less than 500


deaths, though this was most likely due to two very large foreshocks (smaller earth




quakes that precede the main earthquake) that sent most residents out of doors in


alarm, which was safer for them. Worldwide, there have been much deadlier and


stronger earthquakes just in this century (Haiti, 2010 – 316,000 dead; Sumatra,


2004 – 227,000 dead, both with deaths related to ground shaking and the other


hazards that were created by the earthquake). Earthquakes give geologists valuable


information about the Earth, both the interior, as we learned about in the Earth’s In-


terior chapter, and about conditions at the Earth’s surface (most earthquakes occur


at plate boundaries, as we learned in the Plate Tectonics chapter, Figure 4.8).


Figure 13.1 |


A map of the main earthquake to hit Nepal


on April 25, 2015, along with a major aftershock on May 12,


and numerous (>100) other aftershocks (in red – note the


magnitude scale in the upper right).


Author: USGS


Source: USGS


License: Public Domain






Randa Harris


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