(Solution) 13 Practice: Write About It: An Experience Practice Assignment From Your Life English 10 (2015) Sem 1 (S3544641) Points Possible: 40 Jason Weber... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) 13 Practice: Write about It: An Experience Practice Assignment from Your Life English 10 (2015) Sem 1 (S3544641) Points possible: 40 Jason Weber...

Hello fellow English tutors! I need the attached file to be completed. Please note that I will not bring up the price or deadline, so be sure not to suggest it! Thanks in advanced for answering. 1.3.13 Practice: Write about It: An Experience


from Your Life


Practice Assignment


English 10 (2015) Sem 1 (S3544641)


Jason Weber


Points possible: 40


Date: ____________


You just wrote a personal narrative with a simple plot. Make sure you included enough exposition that the


reader knows what's going on, some rising action to let the reader know what leads up to the main event,


a climax, and a short conclusion that reflects on the experience in some way.


Check to make sure you focused your narrative on a single event or scene. You should have chosen a


specific goal for your narrator — to entertain or inform your reader, for example — and stuck with it




Also, make sure you presented events in an order that makes sense, and provided the important details


necessary to move your reader along. Finally, check to make sure that you used transitions to link the


different parts of your narrative together.


Here are some tips to keep in mind as you revise your essay.




Have a clear goal for your role as the narrator. Do you want to simply inform the reader about


your experience? Move the reader? Shock the reader? Educate the reader? Pick a goal and


stick to it as you recount your life experience.




Keep it simple. Focus on a single scene or a short event, and on what happened.




Include details necessary to understand and lead up to the climax of your story.




Get rid of unnecessary details that bog the reader down.




Use transitions to guide the reader from one part of your story to the next at a steady pace.


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