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(Solution) 14 budget Preparation of receipts from debtors schedule and cash Elvstrom Company prepares monthly cash budgets. Provided below is a set of relevant...

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Preparation of receipts from debtors schedule and cash




Elvstrom Company prepares monthly cash budgets. Provided below is a


set of relevant data extracted from existing reports, and the sub-budgets


for the two months of September and October 2011.


All sales are on credit. Collections from debtors normally have the


following pattern: 60 per cent in the month of sale, 30 per cent in the


month following the sale, and 10 per cent in the second month following


the sale. Fortunately, Elvstrom does not have much trouble with bad




Sales in June, July and August were $295 000, $266 000 and $302 000


respectively. Direct material purchases are paid for in the month following


the purchase. Purchases in August were $182 000. Manufacturing


overhead includes $12 500 for depreciation expense, while the marketing


and administration expenses include an amount o± $5600 for depreciation


expenses. Elvstrom expects to be able to repay the principal on a $50 000


loan in October.




(a) Prepare a schedule of receipts from debtors for the two months


ending 31 October 2011.


(b) Prepare a cash budget for September and October 2012. The cash


balance at 31 August 2011 was $12 600.


(c) As part of its longer term plans, Elvstrom was hoping to commence a


product reinvention program for one of its core products. The project


would require an initial cash commitment of $30 000. Management


was hoping to fund this from the cash ² ows of the business. Does


this seem feasible?


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