(Solution) 14 Data Analysis - Uranium Uranium (U), Is A Mineral Resource Obtained From Uranium Ore Deposits In Various Types Of Rocks At Different... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) 14 Data Analysis - Uranium Uranium (U), is a mineral resource obtained from Uranium ore deposits in various types of rocks at different...

I want some one can answer these questions!!I already wrote down my answers in paper but I want to be perfect those answers, it's important for me. Thank you.Ch. 14 Data Analysis – Uranium


Uranium (U), is a mineral resource obtained from Uranium ore deposits in various types of


rocks at diFerent concentraTons.


It is used as a fuel in the reactors of nuclear power plants.




high-grade ore has 2% U and a low-grade ore has 0.1% U.


±he esTmated worldwide


recoverable resources of Uranium weigh 4,743,000 metric tons.


±he United States has about


7% of the world’s Uranium resources, which amounts to about 342,000 metric tons.


Show your work!


1. Given that current worldwide usage of Uranium is about 66,500 U/year, how long will


the world’s present recoverable resources last?


Note: 1 metric ton = 1,000kg = 1.1 tons


2. Assume U.S. usage is about 25% of world usage.


If the U.S. were to rely just only on its


domesTc Uranium resources, how long would they last, assuming a 100% recovery rate


(meaning that 100% of the resource can be used)?


3. Assume that most U.S. ore bodies contain high-grade ore (2% U) and that the recovery


rates of Uranium from the ore (accounTng for losses in mining, extracTon, and re²ning)


average 65%.


How many metric tons of ore will have to be mined to meet U.S. needs?


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