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(Solution) 15-44 Fibroblast cells from patients W, X, Y, and Z, each of whom has a different inherited defect, all contain "inclusion bodies," which are...

15-44 Fibroblast cells from patients W, X, Y, and Z, each of whom has a different


inherited defect, all contain “inclusion bodies,” which are lysosomes filled with


undigested material. You wish to identify the cellular basis of these defects. The


possibilities are:


1. a defect in one of the lysosomal hydrolases


2. a defect in the phosphotransferase that is required for mannose-6-


phosphate tagging of the lysosomal hydrolases


3. a defect in the mannose-6-phosphate receptor, which binds mannose-6-


phosphate-tagged lysosomal proteins in the trans Golgi network and


delivers them to lysosomes


When you incubate some of these mutant fibroblasts in a medium in which


normal cells have been grown, you find that the inclusion bodies disappear.


Because of these results, you suspect that the constitutive exocytic pathway in


normal cells is secreting lysosomal hydrolases that are being taken up by the


mutant cells. (It is known that some mannose-6-phosphate receptor molecules are


found in the plasma membrane and can take up and deliver lysosomal proteins via


the endocytic pathway.) You incubate cells from each patient with medium from


normal cells and medium from each of the other mutant cell cultures, and get the


results summarized in Table Q15-44.


Table Q15-44


Indicate which defect (1, 2, 3) each patient (W, X, Y, Z) is most likely to have.


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