(Solution) 150-300 Word Responses To Each. 1. Tim Wu Makes An Analogy Between Access-tiering And Refrigerators, While Christopher Yoo Makes An Analogy Between | Snapessays.com

(Solution) 150-300 word responses to each. 1. Tim Wu makes an analogy between access-tiering and refrigerators, while Christopher Yoo makes an analogy between

I have cyber ethics questions on net neutrality and internet friends. 150-300 word responses to each.


1. Tim Wu makes an analogy between access-tiering and refrigerators, while Christopher Yoo


makes an analogy between access-tiering and FedEx. Which analogy do you think is more


appropriate and why?


2.) As you may know, you get fewer options on Netflix in Canada than in the U.S. So many


Canadian Netflix customers set their computer to pretend that they're accessing from the U.S. in


order to access a greater variety of television shows and movies. Recently, (June 2015) the


president of Bell Media said that watching U.S. Netflix in Canada by using various location-


hiding services is stealing. See this article here:




. What do you think? Is it


stealing or not? Why?


3.) In the U.S., the FCC recently (early 2015) reclassified broadband access as a Title II service.


What does this mean? Do you think that this should have been done? Why or why not?


4.) Recently, there has been controversy about ad-blocking ever since Apple made it possible for


consumers to block ads on their iOS devices (iPhones and iPads). See


The Atlantic, "The Allure


of an Ad-Free Internet"




The New York Times, "Enabling of Ad Blocking in Apple’s






Prompts Backlash"


. Which side is right and why? Do you use ad blockers? Why or why not?


5.) Recently (mid-February 2016), a California judge ordered Apple computers to help the FBI


access an iPhone that belonged to one of the two shooters involved in the horrible San


Bernandino mass shooting in 2015. Apple has publicly refused. Why have they refused? Who do


you think is right in this debate and why?


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