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(Solution) 15th lecture 4 First punic war: 264-241 --Result: 20 years of war --Would need sth special from Rome or Carthage to win --Carthage: mercenaries, but...

Each answer should be not more than about 1 page, single-spaced.


1. What, in your view, can we learn from Catiline and the Gracchi brothers? Be sure in your answer to consider the issues (and controversy) surrounding the way that the Gracchi presented the problems of the time, as discussed in class.


2. Augustus, Res Gestae, 34:


In my sixth and seventh consulates (28-27 B.C.E.), after putting out the civil war, having obtained all things by universal consent, I handed over the state from my power to the dominion of the senate and Roman people. And for this merit of mine, by a senate decree, I was called Augustus and the doors of my temple were publicly clothed with laurel and a civic crown was fixed over my door and a gold shield placed in the Julian senate-house, and the inscription of that shield testified to the virtue, mercy, justice, and piety, for which the senate and Roman people gave it to me. After that time, I exceeded all in influence, but I had no greater power than the others who were colleagues with me in each magistracy.


Propaganda, or fact? Neither? Discuss, paying attention to, and agreeing or disagreeing with, our coverage of Augustus and his career, as presented to you in class.May.15




lecture 4


First punic war: 264-241


--Result: 20 years of war


--Would need sth special from Rome or Carthage to win


--Carthage: mercenaries, but good navy


--Rome: excellent army, no well-established naval force


--Result: statement




--3 banks of oars


--Corvus (boarding ramp)


Quinquereme is heavier, 5 banks of oars


Naval warfare in ancient world










--roman idea: make it a land battle, on water


--board using corvus/raven (but problems)




--physically seize enemy ships, or ram them


--armoured sailors cannot swim very well


Polybius, on the corvus


--Roman shipbuilding program-superhuman effort


--But now, had to learn how to fight at sea-no real experience


--Would have plenty of upsets, errors… (storms too)


-- in the meantime:


--256: 2 consuls? Africa; ambitious, war on Carthaginian territory


--Plunder of countryside; 1 cos. Home, Other remained:


--Marcus atilius regulus


--255: defeated Carthaginians; camped at Tunis


--Negotiations, rejected by Rome


--Spartan mercenary, Xanthippus- replaced local commanders


--Romans crushed; regulus captured


--romans crushed; regulus captured


--With regulus- what is true and what is legend?


--Deal with humiliation by mythologizing it!


--Ex. Romans defeated b/c of massive snake


--Legend- in captivity until 250


--Gave parole to Carthaginians; sent to Rome to negotiate


--In his speech to senate- urged no surrender


--Returned to Carthage? met his end


--Regulus: reluctant here, duty> personal need


--source: Horace-reliable?


--Ode 3.5; titled, no surrender


--Warning to lax romans of his own day


--Holds up regulus as ideal model


--Intensely patriotic in period of civil war


--Regulus’ death


--Xanthippus, and the leaky ship


--All of this: Rome’s north African invasion- not a success


--More setbacks for Rome


--254: fleet to Africa, rescue survivors


--Defeated Carthaginian fleet, but then massive storm


--Romans massive effort at Panormus-Sicily


--250: lucius caecilius metellus, army, crushed Carthaginian attack


--Huge triumph in rome, with 100 elephants


--But then chickens…


Drepanum, 249, western coast of sicily


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