(Solution) 16.1 Before Going Further, (A) Can You Name A Natural Process That Seasonally Presents Big Problems For Coastal Residents - Namely The Gulf And | Snapessays.com

(Solution) 16.1 Before going further, (A) can you name a natural process that seasonally presents big problems for coastal residents - namely the Gulf and

16.1 Before going further, (A) can you name a natural process that seasonally presents big problems for coastal residents – namely the Gulf and Atlantic coasts? Try naming a 2005 example of that process. (B) In this context, can you name a human activity along coasts that commonly meets with this kind of disaster? Try naming a specific occurrence of such human activity. Hint: Think about a particular Texas ‘island city’ in 1900.







16.4 (Fig. 16.1) What is the relationship between the breadth of continental shelf and the breadth of coastal plain?



16.7 Which of the above three variables do you suppose most likely explains why the largest waves occur at sea, rather than on lakes?



16.9 On Figure 16.6, measure the distance between the still-water level and wave base. Double that value and compare it with wavelength. How do the two compare?



16.10 Explain the mechanism that generates sea breezes. Hint: It is illustrated in Figure 16.7. (And, it is covered on page 265 of Exercise 15, Deserts.)



16.13 What two simple but valuable lessons should be learned from the Taki-Tooo tragedy? Hint: One has to do with pathways at sea, the other with on-board precautions.



16.15 What does the simultaneous decrease in wavelength and increase in wave height have to do with conservation of energy? Hint: A water particle within a wave crest has both kinetic energy (energy of motion) and potential energy (energy of elevation).



16.21 In the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Americans Gary Hall, Jr. and Anthony Ervin tied (yes, tied!) in the 50 m freestyle event. Their time: 21.98 seconds. Question: could Gary and Anthony make it to shore swimming against a rip current moving at the rate of 8km/hr?



16.28 In Figure 16.27, in what direction does the longshore current appear to be moving – northwestward or southeastward?



16.30 (A) Would a groin have been advisable here? Why or why not? (B) How about an offshore breakwater? Why or why not?



16.32 When air temperatures in Florida dip slightly below freezing – thereby threatening an orange crop – owners spray their trees with water in an effort to raise the temperature of the trees a few degrees. Explain the reasoning behind this curious practice.



16.34 It doesn’t happen in the real world, but imagine a current of air or water flowing exactly along the equator (or along any other line of latitude). What do you suppose would be the Coriolis effect, if any?



16.36 So why the familiar ‘eye’ in the center of a hurricane – the volume of air that is practically devoid of wind and rain? Hint: No doubt you have heard of this ‘slinging’ kind of force.



16.37 Quite simply, why don’t hurricanes develop over land?



16.38 Some scientists argue that there is another factor that contributed to the storm surge of Hurricane Katrina. What is the factor? Hint: See loss of ‘speed bumps’ on page 293.



16.40 Notice in Figure 16.41 that – like all other hurricanes – Katrina diminished over land. Again, what is the missing essential ingredient on land?



Lab Summary:


Address the following in a 200-300 word summary:


• Summarize the general principles and purpose of the lab.


• Explain how this lab helped you better understand the topics and concepts addressed this week.


• Describe what you found challenging about this lab.


• Describe what you found interesting about this lab.


Write your summary here:


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