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(Solution) 17. What was the largest group of southern whites in the antebellum period?

17. What was the largest group of southern whites in the antebellum period?


[A] small slaveholders


[B] people of the pine barrens


[C] nonslaveholding yeomen


[D] planters


[E] urban shopkeepers



18. Which profession was open to free blacks in the Old South?


[A] barrel making


[B] barbering


[C] small traders


[D] carpentry


[E] all of these



19. Pidgin was the


[A] food preferred by most coastal slaves.


[B] secret tongue used in slave resistance.


[C] area in Africa where most slaves originated.


[D] language of American-born slaves.


[E] language forced upon the slaves by their white masters.



20. What were the most interracial institutions in the Old South?


[A] grammar schools


[B] colleges


[C] fraternities


[D] churches


[E] voluntary organizations



21. The fate of the Donner party best illustrates:


A) the hazards faced by pioneers traveling west on the Overland Trail.


B) the lack of appeal of abolitionism to the majority of immigrants.


C) the widespread lack of interest among Americans in Henry Clay's American System by the 1840s.


D) the vicious attacks on Catholics and immigrants that took place in the 1830s and 1840s.


24. The phrases “squatter sovereignty” and “popular sovereignty” refer to:


A) allowing residents of a territory to decide whether to permit slavery.


B) extending the right to vote to all male settlers in the Far West.


C) deciding the ownership of a territory by vote of its residents.


D) the right of the Native Americans to hold on to the lands they were already cultivating


25. Who was the author of the Compromise of 1850?:


26. Who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin?:


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