(Solution) 181 Merger Project Valuation Intel And Mobileye You Are A Managing Director Of Goldman Sachs And Your Phone Rings. It Is Intel. The Merger Talks... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) 181 Merger Project Valuation Intel and Mobileye You are a Managing Director of Goldman Sachs and your phone rings. It is Intel. The merger talks...

Hello I am looking for someone who can help me to answer (red colored answer) for me. There is file below !!Again I finished the excel part!! Just need red colored answer. Mgt. 181 Merger Project ValuaTon


Intel and Mobileye


You are a Managing Director of Goldman Sachs and your phone rings.


It is Intel.


±he merger talks


between his company and Mobileye are ongoing and they want to know what Mobileye is worth.




Calculate the value of Mobileye.


EsTmate the next 5 years revenues and expenses and arrive at an


EBI±DA for each year.


(You can do this on an annual basis.)


Determine an appropriate discount rate and


terminaTon mulTple. (Please look up the price/earnings raTos for companies comparable to Intel and


Mobileye and uTlize these Fgures. Please include a list of the comparable companies that you used.)


Calculate the value.


Divide the value by the number of shares outstanding to determine the price per


share and determine the value per share of Mobileye.


Please list all of your assumpTons.


Base growth


rates, margins, etc. on prior years’ performance.


You must turn in an excel spreadsheet outlining your


valuaTon with the project.


In a separate paper please outline any operaTonal issues, cultural issues and how Mobileye should be


integrated into Intel.


If you were a senior execuTve of Intel what would you be worried about.


±his is a group project and you can have up to 6 people in your group.


Due Date


MARCH 20, 2017


A± 5:00 PM


Please read the instrucTons.


±o get a 100 you need to complete all the tasks.


If there are any quesTons, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Prof Dunn


760 703 2153


[email protected]


±echnology News


| Mon Mar 13, 2017 | 11:29am ED±


Intel to buy Israeli driverless car-tech


firm Mobileye for $15 billion




±ova Cohen




Ari Rabinovitch




JERUSALEM U.S. chipmaker Intel (




) agreed to buy Israeli driverless car-technology


firm Mobileye (




) for $15.3 billion on Monday, positioning itself for a dominant role in


the fast-moving autonomous-driving sector.


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