(Solution) 192 J. Chapter 4 Business Process And Fu Nctio Nal Modeling Real Estate Agents. AREI Works With Two Types Of Potential Buyers. Some Buyers Have An... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) 192 J. Chapter 4 Business Process and Fu nctio nal Modeling real estate agents. AREI works with two types of potential buyers. Some buyers have an...

create a Business Process Model diagram for exercise O in the provided with Visio or a related program using the correct figures.192


Chapter 4 Business Process and Functional Modeling


real estate agents. AREI works with two types of


potential buyers. Some buyers have an interest in one


specific house. In this case, AREI prints information


from its database, which the real estate agent uses to


help show the house to the buyer (a process beyond


the scope of the system to be modeled ). Other buyers


seek AREl's advice in finding a house that meets their


needs. In this case, the buyer completes a buyer infor-


mation form that is entered into a buyer database, and


AREI real estate agents use its infor mation to search


AREl's database and the multiple- listing service for


houses that meet their needs. The results of these


searches are printed and used to help the real estate


agent show houses to the buyer.


J. Create a set of detailed use-case descriptions for the


real estate system in exercise




K. Perform a verification and validation walkthrough of


the functional models of the real estate system


described in exercises I and






Draw a use-case diagram and a set of activity diagrams


for the following system. A Video Store (AVS) runs a


series of fairly standard video stores. Before a video


can be put on the shelf, it must be cataloged and


entered into the video database. Every customer must


have a valid AVS customer card in order to rent a


video. Customers rent videos for three days at a time.


Every time a customer rents a video, the system must


ensure that he or she does not have any overdue


videos. If so, the overdue videos must be returned and


an overdue fee paid before customer can rent more


videos. likewise.




the customer has returned overdue


videos but has not paid the overdue fee, the fee must


be paid before new videos can be rented. Every morn-


ing, the store manager prints a report that lists overdue


videos. If a video is two or more days overdue, the


manager calls the customer to remind him or her to


return the video. If a video is returned in damaged


condit ion, the manager removes it from the video


database and may sometimes charge the customer.


M. Create a set of detailed use-case descriptions for the


video system in exercise




N. Perform a veri fication and validation walkthrough of


the functional models of the video store system


described in exercises Land M.


O. Draw a use-case diagram and a set of activity dia-


grams for a gym membership system. When mem-


bers join the gym, they pay a fee for a certain length


of time. Most memberships are for one year, but


memberships as short as two months are available.


Throughout the year, the gym offers a variety of dis-


counts on their regular membership prices (e.g., two


memberships for the price of one for Valentine's






is common for members to pay different


amounts for the same length of membership. The


gym wants to mail out reminder letters to members


asking them to renew their memberships one month


before their memberships expire. Some members


have become angry when asked to renew at a much


higher rate than their original membership contract,


so the club wants to track the prices paid so that the


manager can override the regular prices with special


prices when members are asked to renew. The system


must track these new prices so that renewals can




processed accurately. One of the problems in the


industry is the high turnover rate of members.


Although some members remain active for many


years, about half of the members do not renew their


memberships. This is a major problem, because the


gym spends a lot in advertising to attract each new


member. The manager wants the system to track each


time a member comes into the gym. The system will


then identify the heavy users and generate a report so


the manager can ask them to renew their member·


ships early, perhaps offering them a reduced rate for


early renewal. Likewise, the system should identify


members who have not visited the gym in more than


a mQnth, so the manager can call them and attempt to


reinterest them in the gym.


P. Create a set of detailed use-case des


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