(Solution) also ask questions that comes to your mind while reading. Thanks! > Snapessays.com

(Solution) also ask questions that comes to your mind while reading. Thanks!

can someone please read these articles for and take a quick note and summaries it all in one paragraph. also ask questions that comes to your mind while reading. Thanks!1


The Christian Science Monitor - CSMonitor.com


Allahabad High Court issues Ayodhya


verdict, dividing religious site


The Allahabad High Court in India today announced the Ayodhya verdict, dividing a religious site disputed between


Muslims and Hindus.


Hindu priests celebrate after hearing the first reports on the court verdict in Ayodhya, India, Sept. 30. An Indian court


ruled Thursday that a disputed holy site that has sparked bloody communal riots across the country in the past should


be divided between the Hindu and Muslim communities. However, the court gave the Hindu community control over


the section where the now demolished Babri Mosque stood.


(Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP Photo)




Mian Ridge


, Correspondent


posted September 30, 2010 at 11:01 am EDT


New Delhi, India


An Indian court ordered the division of a patch of land in Ayodhya at the center of an ugly dispute between Muslims


and Hindus, with a majority share going to Hindus.


Indians were glued to their televisions Thursday afternoon as a team of three judges at the


Allahabad High Court


ruled that one-third of the site would be held by a Muslim organization, with the remainder divided between two Hindu




For more than a century members of the two faiths have fought over the site in the northern state of


Uttar Pradesh


. In


1992 a Hindu mob tore down the 16th century Babri Mosque there with pickaxes and their bare hands. Ensuing riots


killed more than 2,000 people, mostly Muslim.


Despite fears that a verdict – of any kind – would unleash fresh communal violence, the region was calm in its




“With the site being divided I don’t think there will be any big trouble in Uttar Pradesh,” says


Sharat Prathan


, a


journalist in the state capital,




. “Indian people are so secular I don’t think they will mind if there is a mosque


and a temple near to each other.”


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