(Solution) Also, find r2 (coefficient of determination) and r (correlation coefficient). Discuss your findings. Your topic may be that is related to sports,... > Snapessays.com

(Solution) Also, find r2 (coefficient of determination) and r (correlation coefficient). Discuss your findings. Your topic may be that is related to sports,...

Can anyone help with this project? I have attached the file. Curve-fitting Project - Linear Model


(due at the end of Week 5)




For this assignment, collect data exhibiting a relatively linear trend, fnd the line o± best ft,


plot the data and the line, interpret the slope, and use the linear equation to make a


prediction. Also, fnd






(coe²cient o± determination) and




(correlation coe²cient). Discuss


your fndings. Your topic may be that is related to sports, your work, a hobby, or something


you fnd interesting. I± you choose, you may use the suggestions described below.




Linear Model Example


and Technology Tips are provided in separate documents.


Tasks for Linear Regression Model (LR)


(LR-1) Describe your topic, provide your data, and cite your source. Collect at least 8 data




Label appropriately.


(Highly recommended: Post this information in the


Linear Model Project discussion as well as in your completed project.


Include a


brief informative description in the title of your posting.


Each student must use


di³erent data.)


The idea with the discussion posting is two-±old: (1) To share your interesting project idea with your classmates, and


(2) To give me a chance to give you a brie± thumbs-up or thumbs-down about your proposed topic and data.


Sometimes students get o³ on the wrong ±oot or misunderstand the intent o± the project, and your posting provides


an opportunity ±or some ±eedback. Remark:


Students may choose similar topics, but must have




data sets


. For example, several students may be interested in a particular Olympic sport, and that is fne, but they


must collect di³erent data, perhaps ±rom di³erent events or di³erent gen




(LR-2) Plot the points (x, y) to obtain a scatterplot. Use an appropriate scale on the


horizontal and vertical axes and be sure to label care±ully.


Visually judge whether the data points exhibit


a relatively linear trend. (I± so, proceed. I± not, try a di³erent topic or data set.)


(LR-3) Find the line o± best ft (regression line) and graph it on the scatterplot. State


the equation o± the line.


(LR-4) State the slope o± the line o± best ft. Care±ully interpret the meaning o± the slope in a


sentence or two.


(LR-5) Find and state the value o±






, the coe²cient o± determination, and r, the correlation


coe²cient. Discuss your fndings in a ±ew sentences. Is r positive or negative? Why? Is a line


a good curve to ft to this data? Why or why not? Is the linear relationship very strong,


moderately strong, weak, or nonexistent?


(LR-6) Choose a value o± interest and use the line o± best ft to make an estimate or


prediction. Show calculation work.


(LR-7) Write a brie± narrative o± a paragraph or two. Summarize your fndings and be sure to


mention any aspect o± the linear model project (topic, data, scatterplot, line, r, or estimate,


etc.) that you ±ound particularly important or interesting.


You may submit all o± your project in one document or a combination o± documents, which


may consist o± word processing documents or spreadsheets or scanned handwritten work,


provided it is clearly labeled where each task can be ±ound. Be sure to include your name.


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