(Solution) Amazon's (not so secret) war on taxes - May. 23, 2013 5/23/13 5:11 PM Amazon's (not so secret) war on taxes By Peter Elkind with Doris Burke... > Snapessays.com

(Solution) Amazon's (not so secret) war on taxes - May. 23, 2013 5/23/13 5:11 PM Amazon's (not so secret) war on taxes By Peter Elkind with Doris Burke...

1)  Oculus Rift was a Kickstarter success story, which was then purchased by Facebook.  In your discussion, please address the ideas of raising money, acquiring a business, and supply chain problems that can lead to customer frustration. Please give a discussion on this topic.2) International taxation is more than complex; however, it is also a very helpful idea to keep in the back of your mind.  Please read the following article and give a few sentences from your perspectives:  http://money.cnn.com/2013/07/10/news/economy/offshore-cash/index.html?iid=HP_LN3)please take a look at the attached articles in RE: Revenue and Taxes and submit a response.  Specifically, you should focus on why these companies maintain a specific business model and potential rationale behind the taxes discussed.Attached are the files. The first file is relating to the file name Oculus Rift totally messed up its launch. The second questions has a link that is mentioned in the questioned above which is regarding CNN Money. The third question's attachment are Malcom Butler, HSBC, Amazon's which are the files named below.5/23/13 5:11 PM


Amazon's (not so secret) war on taxes - May. 23, 2013


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Amazon's (not so secret) war on taxes


By Peter Elkind with Doris Burke




May 23, 2013: 6:42 AM ET




In August 2010, Cheryl Lenkowsky, an auditor for the Texas state comptroller, sent a letter to a top tax executive at


Amazon.com's Seattle headquarters. At that point, Amazon had been selling a wide array of merchandise to Texans for 15 years


without collecting a penny of sales tax from them. Tax-free shopping was a delight for customers, a vital competitive edge for


the company -- and a hemorrhaging wound for state government.


Now, Lenkowsky informed the company, all that was about to end. Texas's audit, which had gone back four years, had resulted in


an "adjustment": a bill for uncollected taxes, plus penalties and interest -- $ 268,809,246.36 in all. Added Lenkowsky helpfully:


"We have included a pre-addressed envelope for your payment convenience."


Amazon responded fiercely. It appealed the assessment. It sued the comptroller for her audit records. It lobbied Rick Perry,


Texas's business-friendly governor. Most of all, Amazon insisted it had no "physical presence" in Texas -- the basis for the tax


claim -- despite owning and operating a 630,800-square-foot distribution center (with an Amazon.com flag in front of it) in a


Dallas suburb. When all that didn't work, the company shuttered the facility and threw its 119 employees out of work, vowing to


abandon the Lone Star State.


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