(Solution) American Women: The Changing Image Dr. Armato Analysis Paper Proposal Proposals should be 1 typed, double-spaced page.*** Your proposal should... > Snapessays.com

(Solution) American Women: The Changing Image Dr. Armato Analysis Paper Proposal Proposals should be 1 typed, double-spaced page.*** Your proposal should...

Hi Profpriyag! I don't know why but I can't reply to the message you posted.I ave been searching for hours how to and this was the best answer the site had for me to contact you.The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to apply the material we’ve read/discussed in the course to a topic ofyour choosing. In so doing, I want you to use course concepts to analyze a real-world example (see below for specificconceptual guidelines). In your essay, you should clearly discuss at least 5 of the readings from class plus at least twoadditional peer-reviewed resources from outside class. You should confine your discussion to 7 typed pages (doublespaced,12-point font, 1.25-inch margins).When selecting your topic, be as specific as possible. A specific topic should allow you to elaborate on conceptualissues easier than a general topic. For example, it would be much easier to write a paper analyzing how the mass mediaportray Michelle Obama than the more generic topic of “images of African American women in the U.S.” Focusing onthe Obama case would allow you to discuss the broader issues and themes while being able to find specific information(quotations, images, etc.) to better make your case.Paper Structure & Requirements1) Introduction (1 page)Begin with an introduction of your topic and how it relates to broader conceptual issues. The introduction shouldinclude a clear, concise thesis statement that relates to your specific topic (thesis statement help is here:http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/545/1/). Your thesis statement should provide a sociologicallyinformedstatement that explains how and/or why the topic you have chosen exists as it does in the world. We willdiscuss thesis statements in class, and you are welcome to visit my office hours to discuss your thesis statement.Conclude the introduction with a brief map of your essay.2) Your sociologically-informed analysis (5 pages)Discuss and analyze your topic in terms of the sociological concepts from class readings. In so doing, you shouldexplain how a sociological understanding of masculinities helps us understand your topic. Specifically, address thefollowing:? How the feminist sociological imagination informs your analysis.? Although it is part of the feminist sociological imagination, be sure to make intersectionality a centraltheme in your analysis. Put another way, how does an intersectional framework help illuminate the topicyou’ve chosen? That is, how does including race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, nationality, ability (or anyother relevant dimension of inequality) in your analysis help clarify the topic you’ve chosen?? Which other articles we’ve read in class help illuminate something about the topic you’ve chosen? Howso? How do the outside articles you’ve located help illuminate something about the topic?Remember, a good sociological explanation is an explanation of why and/or how social practice is organized as it isin the world. When discussing the authors’ ideas, be sure to cite appropriately (follow citation practices providedin the ASA Style guide, which is on D2L).3) Conclusion (1 page)Wrap up your paper by recapping the key conceptual arguments you make in the paper in terms of the topic you’vechosen.4) ReferencesPut at end of paper—see the ASA Style Guide on D2L to provide more specific guidelines on how to properly citewithin the text and create a bibliography. You must use at least 5 sources from our class readings plus at least 2additional peer-reviewed sources you find on your own (7 sources total). You are welcome to use more resourcesthan 7.American Women: The Changing Image Dr. Armato Analysis Paper Proposal Proposals should be 1 typed, double-spaced page. ***See assignment due date on syllabus.*** Your proposal should include responses to the following set of questions. The better job you do on your proposal, the easier it will be to write your paper. Before creating your proposal, read the assignment instructions for the Analysis Paper thoroughly. Your proposal needs to be focused on a specific topic, and the Analysis Paper assignment instructions provide some assistance in helping you focus your topic. Address the following in your proposal: 1. What is the main topic or issue you plan to explore in your paper? In responding to this question, it is important to be as specific as possible. Overly general topics do not provide guidance for you down the line. Ideally, your response to this question will include your thesis statement. Help on writing thesis statement is here: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/545/1/ Note that your thesis statement will likely be an analytical thesis statement, though it could also be an argumentative thesis statement; in either case, it needs to reflect feminist sociological insight.




How do you plan to approach the topic conceptually?


Your paper will need to explore how contemporary or past notions of womanhood shape


or inform the topic you’ve chosen.


In answering this question, provide an explanation of


how a feminist sociological perspective informs your analysis.


Your response to this


question should include concepts from class readings. The readings from the first few


weeks lay out the conceptual frameworks that guide the course and they should guide all


students in their analytical framing of the paper.




Which articles/chapters from class do you plan to use in your paper?


This is a preliminary reference list, so it is fine if you end up changing some of the


readings you put in the list for now, but it is good to start thinking about which readings


you plan to use.


Do not just select readings that we have read; I encourage you to look


ahead in the syllabus and include relevant readings that we have not read yet.


In addition


to the five class readings you will use, you will also need to conduct a search through


appropriate databases to find 2 additional peer-reviewed works relevant to your paper.


That said, for the proposal, you will not need to have found these articles yet.


Some Advice on Being Analytical:


The paper that grows out of this proposal is an






. This requires that the paper be






Since this is a course in sociology, this means


that you need to be analytical in a sociologically insightful way.


A quick strategy to ensure you


meet this requirement is to explain








the phenomenon you choose as your topic is the


way that it is, and in your explanation, apply


sociological concepts




Your grade on this paper


will be directly related to how well you apply sociological concepts to the topic you choose.


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