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(Solution) AMRICA MVIL, S. DE C. AND SUBSIDIARIES Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements December 31, 2013 and 2014 (In thousands of Mexican pesos [Ps.] and...

I need a paper on how these reports are similar and what differences they have in regards to their methods used. this deals with two different countries so knowledge of IFRS is a must to whomever answers.  31




Description of Te business and Relevant Events


América Móvil, S.A.B. de C.V. and subsidiaries (hereinafer, te “Company, “América Móvil” or “AMX”) was incorporaTed under laws oF Mexico


on SepTember 25, 2000. ±he Company provides TelecommunicaTions services in 25 counTries troughouT te UniTed STaTes, LaTin America,


te Caribbean and Europe. ±hese TelecommunicaTions services include mobile and ?xed-line voice services, wireless and ?xed daTa services,


inTerneT access and Pay ±V, as well as oter relaTed services.



±he voice services provided by te Company, bot wireless and ?xed, mainly include te Following: airTime, local, domesTic and inTernaTional


long-disTance services, and neTwork inTerconnecTion services.



±he daTa services provided by te Company include te Following: value added, corporaTe neTworks, daTa and InTerneT services.



Pay ±V represenTs basic services, as well as pay per view and addiTional programming and adverTising services.



EquipmenT, accessories and compuTer sales



Oter relaTed revenues From adverTising in Telephone direcTories, publishing and call cenTer services.


In order To provide tese services, América Móvil has licenses, permiTs and concessions (collecTively reFerred To herein as “licenses”) To build,


insTall, operaTe and exploiT public and/or privaTe TelecommunicaTions neTworks and provide miscellaneous TelecommunicaTions services (mosTly


mobile and ?xed Telephony services), as well as To operaTe Frequency bands in te radio-elecTric specTrum To be able To provide ?xed wireless


Telephony and To operaTe Frequency bands in te radio-elecTric specTrum For poinT-To-poinT and poinT-To-mulTipoinT microwave links. ±he


Company holds licenses in te 25 counTries where iT has a presence, and such licenses have di?erenT daTes oF expiraTion trough 2046.


CerTain licenses require te paymenT To te respecTive governmenTs oF a share in sales deTermined as a percenTage oF revenues From services


under concession. ±he percenTage is seT as eiter a ?xed raTe or in some cases based on cerTain size oF te inFrasTrucTure in operaTion.


±he corporaTe o?ces oF América Móvil are locaTed in Mexico CiTy, Mexico, aT Lago Zurich 245, Colonia Ampliación Granada, Delegacion Miguel


Hidalgo, 11529, México D.²., México.


±he accompanying ?nancial sTaTemenTs were approved For teir issuance by te Company’s ChieF ²inancial O?cer on April 29, 2015, and


subsequenT evenTs have been considered trough taT daTe. ±hey will ten be presenTed For approval by te Company’s shareholders on April


30, 2015. ±hose shareholders have te autoriTy To approve and or oterwise modiFy te ?nancial sTaTemenTs.


Relevant events


i) On March 21, 2013, te InTernaTional Olympic CommiTTee (“IOC”), awarded To AMX te righT To broadcasT te XXII Olympic WinTer Games in


Sochi, Russia in 2014 and te Games oF te XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016. AMX has acquired broadcasT righTs on all media


plaTForms across LaTin America, excepT Brazil.


ii) During April 2013, KPN launched a righTs o?ering To raise up To € 3 billion oF equiTy. PursuanT To te Company’s agreemenT wit KPN, te


Company subscribed For a share in te righTs o?ering in proporTion To te Company’s previous ownership oF te KPN shares. Upon seTTlemenT oF


te o?ering on May 17, 2013, te Company paid € 895.8 million (Ps.14.2 billion) and owned a ToTal oF 1,267,677,000 shares oF KPN conTinuing


To represenT 29.77% oF te ten ouTsTanding shares oF KPN. As explained in NoTe 12, te Company has subsequenTly sold some oF iTs ownership


inTeresT in KPN.


iii) On July 29, 2013, te Company TerminaTed te RelaTionship AgreemenT daTed ²ebruary 20, 2013 enTered inTo wit KPN.


iv) On March 7, 2014, te new ²ederal ±elecommunicaTions InsTiTuTe (InsTiTuTo ²ederal de ±elecomunicaciones, or te “I²±”) issued a resoluTion


deTermining taT te Company’s operaTing subsidiaries, including Radiomovil Dipsa, S.A. de C.V. (“±elcel”) and ±eleFonos de Mexico, S.A.B.


de C.V. (“±elmex”), as well as oter relaTed parTies such as Grupo Carso, S.A.B. de C.V. and Grupo ²inanciero Inbursa, S.A.B. de C.V. are parT


oF an “economic inTeresT group” taT is a “preponderanT economic agenT” in te Mexican TelecommunicaTions secTor, and imposing cerTain


asymmeTric regulaTion on te Company’s Mexican ?xed-line and wireless businesses.




Notes to Consolidated


Financial Statements


December 31, 2013 and 2014


(In Thousands oF Mexican pesos [Ps.] and Thousands oF


U.S. dollars [US$], unless oTherwise indicaTed)


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