(Solution) An example of one way in which humans can make decisions to ignore or override basic needs would be: telling a lie B. abstaining from sex C. running... > Snapessays.com

(Solution) An example of one way in which humans can make decisions to ignore or override basic needs would be: telling a lie B. abstaining from sex C. running...

7. An example of one way in which humans can make decisions to ignore or override basic needs would be:


A. telling a lie


B. abstaining from sex


C. running a marathon


D. sleeping late


8. Humans are considered to have no closed instincts because they:


A. react automatically to loud noises


B. cannot avoid instinctual behavior


C. learn new behaviors easily


D. are always looking for new experiences


9. The human capacity for culture is:


A. learned after birth


B. genetically programmed


C. weaker than for instinctual behavior


D. severely limited


10. Most modern anthropologists are of the opinion that individual human behavior is:


A. influenced more strongly by cultural than by hereditary factors


B. controlled primarily by inherited characteristics in the structure of the brain


C. completely a product of learning and culture, with no genetic influence


D. the product of both biological and cultural factors


13. The central object of Mead's study, Coming of Age in Samoa (1928), was to determine whether or not:


A. kinship patterns in Samoa could be attributed to diffusion from China


B. the events of World War II had an effect on traditional family structure in Samoa


C. the transition from adolescence into adulthood was stressful in all societies


D. maturation rates of Samoan teenagers were directly related to race and heredity


24. The field of structural anthropology, founded by Lvi-Strauss, has, as one of its basic premises, the notion that there is a "deep universal structure" to cultural phenomena. According to Lvi-Strauss, this structure is characterized by:


A. thought in images and symbols, completely divorced from language


B. cognitive patterns that reflect hierarchical social relations


C. the development of consciousness through personal revelations


D. reasoning based on the construction of pairs of opposites (binary contrasts)


26. The use of government legislation to prohibit or limit homosexual behavior is a practice that:


A. has been universally adopted by civilized nations of both the East and West


B. reflects cross-cultural values shared by human societies worldwide


C. is still common in the U.S. despite its abandonment by other Western nations


D. is justified on the basis of scientific evidence for social degeneration


29. The "windigo psychosis" is characterized by:


A. an insatiable craving for human flesh


B. uncontrollable, random violence


C. wild screaming of obscenities


D. obsessive eating and regurgitation


37. According to the work of Lieberman and others, the ability to build an infinite number of sentences within sentences is __________.


A. proxemics


B. recursion


C. dynamics


D. semantics


38. One goal of anthropological linguistics is to determine the number of phonemes (phonetic structure) that exist in different languages. This goal is accomplished by employing the use of:


A. minimal pairs


B. phone taps


C. maximal differences


D. syntax units


39. The word "lower" contains:


A. two bound morphemes


B. two bound phonemes


C. two free morphemes


D. one bound morpheme and one free morpheme


E. no morphemes of any sort


45. Noam Chomsky suggests humans are born with a brain prewired to enable us to acquire languages easily. This "prewiring" is referred to as __________.


A. syntax


B. universal grammar


C. infinite model


D. functional template


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