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(Solution) An Exercise in Awareness: Brief Essay Assignment American Heritage Drs. Karpowitz and Patterson PURPOSE American Heritage introduces you to a new way...

Prompt: Government should require two years of public service from every citizen because doing so promotes important civic virtues.I need to write an essay UNDER 500 words in length. The rubric is in the attachment. Due THURSDAYAn Exercise in Awareness: Brief Essay Assignment


American Heritage


Drs. Karpowitz and Patterson






American Heritage introduces you to a new way of thinking about society and the institutions


and values that organize it.


The readings on reserve, in the Sandel text, and in the course


textbook give you a vocabulary and foundation upon which to build your thinking.


The essays


present an opportunity to practice expressing these ideas so you can become more comfortable


and familiar with them.


We cannot overstate the importance of these ideas.


They are all around you.


Simply because


you do not recognize them does not mean they are not shaping the world in which you live.


You must become confident and comfortable with these ideas if you are going to flourish


spiritually and intellectually in the world you are about to inherit.


The assigned essays give you an opportunity to construct a thoughtful and compelling argument


about ideas and concepts from the course.


This will mean taking a clear position, providing


adequate evidence and reasons to support your thesis, connecting your discussion to course


concepts, and reflecting on the implications of your argument.


The essay should be structured


effectively, and within the space provided, your argument should develop thoughtfully.




other words, the order of the ideas and evidence matters, and you should do more than merely


restate the same point over and over again.)










Each essay will have an assigned topic (see topics below).


Drawing upon material from the


assigned reading and other course resources


, write an essay of no more than 500 words in


which you take a position about the assigned topic.


You should provide compelling reasons,


arguments, or other evidence that support your position.


Your argument should connect in


some way to ideas, concepts, or themes from the course, and you should make those


connections clear to the reader.


Your essay should do more than merely restate what we have


covered in class, however.


Instead, you should craft an insightful, compelling argument of your


own, drawing on course themes and concepts to support your perspective.


Your essay should


conclude with thoughtful reflection on the implications of your argument.










Below are the topics for each essay.


Each topic is a statement that connects with important


themes, concepts, issues, and readings from the course.


In your essay, you must take a position


on the assigned topic, clearly articulate your position, and develop compelling reasons,


arguments, and other evidence to support your position.


You will not be graded on which side


of the argument you choose, but on the quality of the argument offered in support of your


position, whatever it may be.


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