(Solution) IET 405: Production And Inventory Control Case Study 3 (Total 20 Points) Question 1: Supply Chain Management (4 Points, Module 7, Chapter 17) Q.1. | Snapessays.com

(Solution) IET 405: Production and Inventory Control Case study 3 (Total 20 points) Question 1: Supply Chain Management (4 points, Module 7, Chapter 17) Q.1.

I do not understand the concept of question 2, the scheduling problem.  Can someone please work this question for me?IET 405: Production and Inventory Control


Case study 3


(Total 20 points)


Question 1:


Supply Chain Management (4 points, Module 7, Chapter 17)


Q.1. Explain the importance of ‘Supply Chain visibility’.


Q.2. Explain the importance of ‘real time information’ in a supply chain?


Question 2: Scheduling problem


(12 points, Module 7, part 7.2)


This study analyzes how a buying agent serves as an export-import link between the manufacturer of


Asian goods and the retail companies in the West. The agent needs to ship fashion and seasonal


apparel from Location A (Singapore) to Location B (Vancouver, Canada). The product orders are


shipped from a distribution center in Hong Kong through water transportation modes.


The manager of the buying agent in Location A (Singapore) must commit to shipyard (seaport)


deadlines (date and time) for the order shipment. The procurement from local manufacturers in


Location A are maintained to accommodate the shipping schedule, which ultimately confirms the


due dates assigned by the retail companies at the location B (Vancouver, Canada). If the orders miss


their scheduled dates to reach the shipyard (seaport) by a day or few hours shipping cannot be


guaranteed. Once a shipment schedule is missed, it may take 2-10 businesses days to get the next


scheduled shipping date. Therefore, the agent informs the cut off days to the area manufacturers


based on the best shipping schedule that minimizes the shipping cost while maintaining the


designated due dates set by the retail companies.


The cost ($) of products is wire transferred to the Agent upon receiving the product. Therefore,


some indirect holding (carrying) cost incurs during the shipment lead time period. If a shipping date


is missed, this leads to additional holding cost as well as the risk of missing the retailers due date.


The cut-off dates are considered the most sensitive issues to minimize shipping cost and business




Assuming that the cut-off dates are maintained, the Agent must choose between two shipping


companies and four alternatives. Suppose the agent ships 20 different products, a total of two


million items per month, which requires about 300 containers. The shipments lead time between


seaports in Location A to seaport in Location B requires 22-25 days for standard shipping and 30-32


days for basic shipping and handling.


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