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(Solution) If 10,000 mallets are selected at random, how many are expected to not meet the customer specification?

If 10,000 mallets are selected at random, how many are expected to not meet the customer specification?QUESTION I– STOOGE ENTERPRISES


Stooge Enterprises (Stooges) manufactures wooden mallets for commercial and residential


applications. Stooges landed a major contract as a supplier to Slapsticks, Inc., a leading retailer


in several major cities throughout the upper Midwest. Because of the large volume of demand,


Stooges has to expand its manufacturing operation to three shifts and hire additional workers.


Not long after Stooges began mallets to Slapsticks, it began receiving some complaints about


mallet head diameters. This problem was somewhat alarming to Stooges, because its reputation


as a high quality manufacturer was the principal reason that it was selected as a supplier to


Slapsticks. Stooges placed a great deal of confidence in its manufacturing capability because of


its well trained and dedicated employees, and it never felt the need to consider formal process


control approaches. In view of the recent complaints, the company president suspected that the


expansion to a three-shift operation and the pressures to produce higher volumes and meet just-


in-time delivery requests was causing a breakdown in their quality.


On the recommendation of the plant manager, Stooges hired a recent Excelsior College graduate


to train the shift supervisors and selected line workers in statistical process control methods. As a


trial project, the plant manager wants to evaluate the capability of a critical cutting operation that


he suspects might be the source of the diameter problem. The nominal specification for the


diameter operation is 16.500 inches with a tolerance of plus or minus 0.04 inches. The consultant


suggested inspecting five consecutive mallet heads in the middle of each shift over a 10-day


period and recording the dimension of the cut. The table that follows shows 10 days data


collected for each shift. The data is a file named STOOGE.XLS.






Interpret the data, establish a state of statistical control, and evaluate the capability of the process


to meet the specifications. Consider the following questions:




What do the initial control charts tell you?




If the process is not in control, what might be the likely causes? Take corrective action based on


the information that is available.




What is the process capability?




What does the process capability tell the company?




Is Stooges facing a serious problem that needs to be addressed?




If 10,000 mallets are selected at random, how many are expected to not meet the customer




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