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(Solution) If a bank has 50 branches with 14 employees (4 supervisors, 10 tellers) per branch.

If a bank has 50 branches with 14 employees (4 supervisors, 10 tellers) per branch. They are placing 30 teller machines scheduled to be in operation December, 1 year from now and will replace 30 tellers. the bank does not terminate any employees rather as tellers quit throughout the year 30 are not replaced.


Total employees 1100


# of branches 50


supervisors per branch 4 (total for 50 branches is 200)


tellers per branch 10 ( total for 50 branches is 500)


branch employees 700


Main office employees 400


Turnover for former Branches is 30% for tellers, 20% for supervisors


Turnover for New Branches is 10% main office, 20% for supervisors, 30 % for tellers


New branches are added as follows: year 1has 10, year 2 has 12, year 3 has 16


each branch has 14 employees (4 supervisors, 10 tellers)


New branches are added evenly throughout the year. 5 new branches in year 1 (50% of 10), 16 in year 2 (10 in year 1 plus 6 (50% 12), and 30 in year 3 (22 plus 8 (50% 16)


What is the turnover, employees to be hired, year-end employment for the next 3 years for the following categories.


Total employees


Former Branch Supervisors


Former Branch Tellers


Main Office


New Branch Supervisors


New Branch Tellers


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