(Solution) If A Set Of Data Follows A Normal Curve Distribution, And The Mean Is 70 With A Standard Deviation Of 10, Then Approximately 99. | Snapessays.com

(Solution) If a set of data follows a normal curve distribution, and the mean is 70 with a standard deviation of 10, then approximately 99.

1.If a set of data follows a normal curve distribution, and the mean is 70 with a standard deviation of 10, then approximately 99.7% of the data lies in a region centered around the mean between values of:


a) 60 and 80


b) 50 and 90


c) 40 and 100



2. Given a normal distribution, what is the value of Z that represents the 39th percentile?


a) -0.51


b) -0.28





3. Find the mean and standard deviation for the binomial experiment where n=160, p=0.625


a) mean=100, standard deviation= 6.1


b) mean=60, standard deviation= 37.5


c) mean=100, standard deviation= 37.5



4. A car salesman calculates that he sells a car to 30% of the people to whom he discusses a potential sale. If on one day he talks to six unrelated customers about potentially buying a car, what is the probability that he will sell three cars on this day?


a) 0.082


b) 0.185


c) 0.053



4) An inspection procedure at a manufacturing plant involves picking 3 items in a random and then accepting the whole lot if at least 2 or 3 items are in perfect condition. if in reality 90% of the lots are perfect, what's the probability the whole lot will be accepted?


a) 0.810


b) 0.729


c) 0.972



5) A group of competitors had the following miniature golf scores: 41, 48, 42, 39, 36, 43. Find the sample standard deviation.


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