(Solution) If A Student Scored 86 Points On A Test Where The Mean Score Was 79.2 And The Standard Deviation Was 4. The Student's Z Score Is _______.Question 9... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) If a student scored 86 points on a test where the mean score was 79.2 and the standard deviation was 4. The student's z score is _______.Question 9...

If a student scored 86 points on a test where the mean score was 79.2 and the standard deviation was 4.7. The student's z score is _______.Question 9 options:


A) 16.85


B) 18.30


C) 0.31


D) 1.45


How many ways can a student select five questions from an exam containing 12 questions, if one of the five must be the last question? Question 13 options:


A) 330


B) 7920


C) 40,320


D) 95,040


A gumball machine contains 300 grape flavored balls, 400 cherry flavored balls, and 500 lemon flavored balls. What is the probability of getting 1 grape ball, 1 cherry ball, and 1 lemon ball if each ball was removed and then replaced before choosing the next from the machine?


Question 14 options:


A) 0.0264


B) 0.0531


C) 0.0347


D) 0.0482


Find the mean of the distribution shown.


X 4 6


P(X) 0.36 0.64


Question 15 options:


A) 1.64


B) 4.00


C) 5.28


D) 6.00


A coin is tossed 72 times. Find the standard deviation for the number of heads that will be tossed. Question 16 options:


A) 36


B) 18


C) 4.24


D) 6.78


In a large bag of marbles, 20% of them are red. A child chooses 4 marbles from this bag. If the child chooses the marbles at random, what is the chance that the child gets exactly three red marbles?Question 17 options:


A) 0.026


B) 0.102


C) 0.154


D) 0.032


Find the probability P(z


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