(Solution) If I Were Tasked To Eliminate Risk To Successfully Implement An IT Strategic Idea I Would Hold Meetings With All Of The Necessary Parties Involved In... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) If I were tasked to eliminate risk to successfully implement an IT strategic idea I would hold meetings with all of the necessary parties involved in...

I think this may be the last question for you:  Can you help on the attached discussion?Thank you.If I were tasked to eliminate risk to successfully implement an IT strategic idea I would hold meetings


with all of the necessary parties involved in the process. Similar to how we have done in our SLP


assignments, getting everyone together and creating lists such as content, functionality, structure, etc.


After everyone has a clear understanding of the goals of the project I would then ask for concrete


plans to be made in order to execute the proposed specifications. I think the risk is having someone


with an idea but not knowing how (or having the drive to) to execute and make into a successful


product. One of the things that will also need to be addressed is the scope of the idea presented. As


we have learned in project management, scope creep can be a real threat to a strategic idea and


must be considered in all phases of production to ensure the product you envision at the beginning of


your process is the one you end up with when the project is complete. Scope creep can effect a


project in a number of ways. If the project is focused too heavily on one particular area they may


realize in the end that the product doesn't meet all of their wants and needs. In contrast, scope creep


can also effect a project by broadening it to a point that is simply unachievable and unrealistic. By


holding frequent meetings with the parties working on the product, I think it will eliminate this risk and


keep everyone on the same page as far as the expected outcomes and also address any problems


that may arise throughout production.






What are your thoughts? Would you do anything differently??


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