(Solution) IF IT WALKS LIKE THE AFLAC DUCK You've Probably Never Heard Of The American Family Life Assurance Company. Then Again, If You Are Like 90 Percent Of... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) IF IT WALKS LIKE THE AFLAC DUCK You've probably never heard of the American Family Life Assurance Company. Then again, if you are like 90 percent of...

1. Some viewers don’t like the AFLAC ads. Can an ad still accomplish its intended purposes if people find it annoying?





2. The AFLAC campaign is more than four years old. In your opinion, will the campaign stay effective for the foreseeable future?





3. What makes AFLAC ads so effective? Is it something more than their entertainment value? If so, what else contributes to their success?In at least a full page submission please answer the following:




You’ve probably never heard of the American Family Life Assurance Company. Then


again, if you are like 90 percent of U.S. consumers, maybe you have heard of the


company. In its advertising, it calls itself “AFLAC.”


The four-year AFLAC campaign is the work of Linda Kaplan Thaler, owner of the New


York agency that bears her name.


Maurice Levy, CEO of the giant advertising company Publics, observes, “There are


people who do advertising for what I call the advertising village and people who are


doing advertising for the consumer. She is doing advertising much more for the


consumer.” Thaler herself notes, “We’re doing our job when we find ways to get people


to buy things.”


The campaign has been enormously successful. Since the ads first began running,


brand-name awareness has increased from 15 percent to 90 percent. During the same


period, year-to-year sales increases have almost doubled. Don Amos, CEO for AFLAC,


believes that “our name recognition with our advertising campaign and our strong sales


force together have combined to truly help our company.” In 2003 Ad Age named the


commercial featuring the duck and the Amazing Kreskin the most recalled spot in




What makes the AFLAC campaign truly remarkable is how little it has cost the company.


The duck has a higher Q score than both Ronald McDonald and the Energizer bunny,


but whereas Energizer has spent almost a billion dollars over 15 years on advertising,


and McDonalds spend almost $700 million every year, AFLAC’s ad budget is only $45


million a year.


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