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(Solution) If looks could kill Security experts reckon the latest technology can detect hostile intentions before something bad happens. Unless it is perfect,

Hi, i need one essay about the comparative analysis of two article( "if looks could kill" and Kaminer, Wendy. "Trading Liberty for Illusions." ). I uploaded two articles and writing requirements, please read carefully. Also please do WPA format and no plagiarism. thank you so much.If looks could kill


Security experts reckon the latest technology can detect hostile intentions before


something bad happens. Unless it is perfect, though, that may be bad in itself


Oct 23rd 2008 | From the print edition


MONITORING surveillance cameras is tedious work. Even if you are concentrating,


identifying suspicious behaviour is hard. Suppose a nondescript man descends to a


subway platform several times over the course of a few days without getting on a


train. Is that suspicious? Possibly. Is the average security guard going to notice?


Probably not. A good example, then—if a fictional one—of why many people would


like to develop intelligent computerised surveillance systems.


The perceived need for such systems is stimulating the development of devices that


can both recognise people and objects and also detect suspicious behaviour. Much of


this technology remains, for the moment, in laboratories. But Charles Cohen, the boss


of Cybernet Systems, a firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is working for


America's Army Research Laboratory, says behaviour-recognition systems are getting


good, and are already deployed at some security checkpoints.


Human gaits, for example, can provide a lot of information about people's intentions.


At the American Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, a team of gait


analysts and psychologists led by Frank Morelli study video, much of it conveniently


posted on the internet by insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq. They use special object-


recognition software to lock onto particular features of a video recording (a person's


knees or elbow joints, for example) and follow them around. Correlating those


movements with consequences, such as the throwing of a bomb, allows them to


develop computer models that link posture and consequence reasonably reliably. The


system can, for example, pick out a person in a crowd who is carrying a concealed


package with the weight of a large explosives belt. According to Mr Morelli, the army


plans to deploy the system at military checkpoints, on vehicles and at embassy






Some intelligent surveillance systems are able to go beyond even this. Instead of


merely learning what a threat looks like, they can learn the context in which


behaviour is probably threatening. That people linger in places such as bus stops, for


example, is normal. Loitering in a stairwell, however, is a rarer occurrence that may


warrant examination by human security staff (so impatient lovers beware). James


Davis, a video-security expert at Ohio State University in Columbus, says such


systems are already in use. Dr Davis is developing one for America's Air Force


Research Laboratory. It uses a network of cameras to track people identified as


suspicious—for example, pedestrians who have left a package on the ground—as they


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