(Solution) If Software Should Have Testable Goals, ___ ____ A. The Customer Needs To Be Involved In Every Aspect Of The Testing Process. ____ B. They Need To... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) If software should have testable goals, ___ ____ a. the customer needs to be involved in every aspect of the testing process. ____ b. they need to...

First assignment(S10) answer five questions Second assignment(S10p2) create a simple application using visual studios thanks TonyG#1. If software should have testable goals, ___


____ a. the customer needs to be involved in every aspect of the testing process.


____ b. they need to be articulated so that it is clear whether those goals are being achieved.


____ c. the customer should not be allowed to see it until the final tests are completed.


____ d. the software should be released when 80% of the goals have been achieved.


#2. According to the author, the most important software design principle is to ___


____ a. use an established methodology such as Extreme Programming.


____ b. wait until the product is ready to be released before getting feedback from the customer.


____ c. do it again until you get it right.


____ d. do not ever reuse code, but start every project from scratch.


#3. Because problems are more expensive to fix after software has been released, ___


____ a. you should test throughout development to catch problems as early as possible.


____ b. long feedback cycles are good because they give developers more time to work without changing code.


____ c. the customer should sign a contract that the developer is not responsible for errors not found in the first month.


____ d. development teams should be kept separated for as long as possible before the software is released.


#4. Good interface design ___


____ a. always requires a graphical user interface (GUI).


____ b. should never be coded until a screen design form has been approved.


____ c. should be responsive, forgiving, strict and consistent.


____ d. is up to the software developer, not the customer.


#5. To save time and improve testing, the author suggests ___


____ a. allowing focus groups to test the software frequently.


____ b. writing computer programs that will automatically execute tests on the software.


____ c. having the customer beta test the software throughout development.


____ d. allowing only the software developer to test the software.








Visual Studio 2012.




Create, compile and run the Hello User project described in Chapter 1. If there are errors in your program, study


the error messages, fix the errors, then compile and run the program. Enter your first and last name in the box and


click OK. A message box should appear saying hello, with your name and a welcome message.




When it runs correctly,


close Visual Basic, use Windows Explorer to find the top level folder of the project (Hello


User), right-click the folder, and select Send To / Compressed ZIP Folder to zip the file. Submit the ZIP file along


with this document for grading.


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