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(Solution) If We Have It, Do We Use It?

APA formatting requires the use of in-text citations to avoid plagiarizing and to give credit to the author of that source. The basic in-text citation for a summary or paraphrase is formatted at the end of a sentence where you use information from an outside source with the author's last name and year the piece was published like this: (Smith, 2002). When using a direct quote, you must use the author's last name, year the piece was published and page number or paragraph number like this: (Smith, 2002, p. 3) or (Smith, 2002, para. 4). Always check your sources for page numbers. If you are using a website as a source, you will add the paragraph number instead of the page number (Smith, 2002, para. 4).



The last sentence of "If We Have it, Do We Use It?" by Nancy Gibbs, reads: "Maybe it even makes room for reflection on questions like when better is not necessarily good" (Gibbs, 1999, para. 10).



Does this sentence effectively sum up her thesis statement?


How? Answer this question, using one in-text citation to support your point. Then, write one question about Gibbs' article for your fellow students.



Can you please read the above. This is a discussion board post. Thank you. I will be using you for the next 7 weeks for this class if you are ok with that and the pricing. Thanks again.If We Have It, Do We Use It?


We've seen these visions glinting in the distance for some time--the prospect


that one day parents will be able to browse through gene catalogs to special-


order a hazel-eyed, redheaded extrovert with perfect pitch. Leave aside for 


the moment whether scientists actually found an IQ gene last week or the 


argument over what really constitutes intelligence. Every new discovery 


gives shape and bracing focus to a debate we have barely begun. Even 


skeptics admit it's only a matter of time before these issues become real. If 


you could make your kids smarter, would you? If everyone else did, would it


be fair not to?


It's an ethical quandary and an economic one, about fairness and fate, about 


vanity and values. Which side effects would we tolerate? What if making 


kids smarter also made them meaner? What if only the rich could afford the 


advantage? Does God give us both the power to re-create ourselves and the 


moral muscles to resist? The time to talk about it in schools and churches 


and magazines and debate societies is now, says bioethicist Arthur Caplan of


the University of Pennsylvania. If you wait, five years from now the gene 


doctor will be hanging out the MAKE A SMARTER BABY sign down the 




Self-improvement has forever been an American religion, but the norms 


about what is normal keep changing. Many parents don't think twice about 


straightening their kids' crooked teeth but stop short of fixing a crooked 


nose, and yet, in just the past seven years, plastic surgery performed on teens


has doubled. As for intellectual advantages, parents soak their babies in 


Mozart with dubious effect, put a toy computer in the crib, elbow their way 


into the best preschools to speed them on their path to Harvard. Infertile 


couples advertise for an egg donor in the Yale Daily News, while 


entrepreneurs sold the sperm of Nobel laureates.


What, if anything, is the difference between getting one's child a better 


school and getting one's child a better gene? asks Erik Parens of the Hastings


Center, a bioethics think tank. I think the answer has to do with the 


difference between cultivating and purchasing capacities. Buying a Harvard 


education may enhance a child's natural gifts, he argues, but it's not the same


as buying the gifts. 


Every novel, every movie that updates Frankenstein provides a cautionary 


tale: these experiments may not turn out as we expect. Genetic engineering 


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