(Solution) If You Think Technology Can Solve Your Security Problems, Then You Do Not Understand The Problems And You Do Not Understand The Technology Bruce... | Snapessays.com

(Solution) If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you do not understand the problems and you do not understand the technology Bruce...

Please help me this by using matlab. I did most of them, but I think some of them were wrong.1




One of the 14 NAE Grand Challenges is to Advance Health Informatics. Medical records today


are plagued by mixtures of old technologies like paper and new technologies like computers and


Tablet PCs. Computerized records are often incompatible, using different programs for different


kinds of data, even within the same hospital!


Sharing information over networks complicates


things even further because of differences in computer systems, data recording rules, and


network security concerns for protecting patient privacy.


In addition to Advancing Health Informatics, another one of the 14 NAE Grand Challenges is to


Secure Cyberspace.


Modern communication devices like smartphones and computers, as well as


communication protocols like web, phone, text messaging, e-mail, and instant messaging are all


heavily used by the average consumer to do work and keep in touch with friends and family—


everyday. In addition, many companies and government agencies rely on these cyber utilities to


conduct everyday work, so protection of cyberspace will prevent or reduce disruptions of


essential services and minimize problems with stolen data like identity theft.


With secure networks and standards for electronic medical records, work to address these two


Grand Challenges will greatly advance the practice of medicine globally and will help to


improve the quality of living for everyone.


Problem Statement


You work for a biomedical technology firm developing a standardized suite of software for use


at every hospital across the world. As part of the software suite, your job is to develop the


interface and secure file format in order to store medical information in an efficient, but safe




To do this, your team is required to develop a program to store medical data. Each patient must


have their medical data stored in a “secure” fashion. To do this, your team must write functions


to encode the medical data before, as well as functions to decode the medical data to display the


patient information when queried by the user.


Details about the encoder/decoder are on the remaining pages, as well as a page for the design


criteria your team must meet in this project.


If you think technology can


solve your security problems,


then you do not understand


the problems and you do not


understand the technology


—Bruce Schneier


Securing Cyberspace and Advancing Health




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