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(Solution) If you were trying to decrease a project's net present value, you would be Select one: a. increasing the value of each of the project's discounted

Thank you for your help.  Here is another set of questions.  There will be two more that I will send directly to you.  Thanks again for your help.chonneIf you were trying to decrease a project’s net present value, you would be


Select one:


a. increasing the value of each of the project's discounted cash inFows


b. moving each of the cash inFows forward to a sooner time period


c. decreasing the required discount rate


d. increasing the project's initial cost at time zero


e. increasing the amount of the ±nal cash inFow


If you were asked to manage a capital budgeting project, you would consider


which of the following?


I. project start-up costs


II. timing of all projected cash Fows


III. dependability of future cash Fows


IV. dollar amount of each projected cash Fow


Select one:


a. I and IV only


b. I, II, and IV only


c. I, II, and III only


d. II, III, and IV only


e. I, II, III, and IV


You are considering a project but you realize this project has a net present value


of zero. Based on this info, which of the following is true?


Select one:


a. the total of the cash inFows must equal the initial cost of the project.


b. the project earns a return exactly equal to the discount rate.


c. a decrease in the project's initial cost will cause the project to have a


negative NPV


d. any delay in receiving the projected cash inFows will cause the project to


have a positive NPV.






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