(Solution) -AB 299 Unit 2 Assignment Mission Statement Vs Vision Statement Updated


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AB 299 Unit 2 Assignment Mission Statement Vs Vision Statement NEW

In this Assignment, you will look at the differences between the Vision statement (you completed in
 Unit 1) and the Mission statement by doing some research on the Internet.
 Then decide on an appropriate mission statement for the business. You will revise the company goals
 as well as tasks and responsibilities of the employees and Tim based on your Mission statement and
 Vision statement.
Address the following Checklist items: 
 •Describe the difference between the Vision statement and the Mission statement.
 •Define what the Mission statement should contain and why based on your research. Then state your version of Tim’s Coffee Shoppe’s Mission statement.http://extmedia.kaplan.edu/business/Media/AB 299/Tims_Coffee_Shop/index.html
Make sure to address whether the Mission statement allows for future changes in the business without being too broad or too confining a statement.
 •Revise your company short and long term goals from Unit 1 to align with the mission and vision statements.
o Revise your employee tasks and Job responsibilities from Unit 1 based on your mission statement and vision statements. Make sure your response:
o Defines the tasks and responsibilities of managers in general and Tim as owner of the Coffee Shoppe in particular.
o Looks at the employees’ files in the Unit 9 Final Project Scenario file cabinet. Then define the tasks and responsibilities of each employee at Tim’s Coffee Shoppe.
 Respond in a minimum of 3 pages in APA format that includes a title page and references page (at the end) and submit this to the Dropbox before the end of this unit.