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AB 299 Unit 5 Assignment The Competitive Environment NEW

Assignment: The Competitive Environment
This will be another step in starting work on your Final Project:
Review the scenario Tim’s Coffee Shoppe. You will begin to create the foundation for your final project marketing plan. http://extmedia.kaplan.edu/business/Media/AB 299/Tims_Coffee_Shop/index.html
1. Describe the competitive environment in this industry.
2. Read the surveys in the filing cabinet in the Unit 9 Final Project scenario.
3. Describe how you will apply the 4 P’S of marketing to the survey information and how it will impact your marketing strategy.
4. Write a summary of your research.  
5. Video- http://content-bus.kaplan.edu/AB 299_1301C/topics/AB 299-05-11-asm-01_video.html
Write a paper in APA format consisting of at least 4 pages in length, including the title and reference page. Submit your paper to the Dropbox before the end of this unit.
Please review the video tutorials below before completing your Assignment.