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AB 299 Unit 9 Final ProjectTim’s Coffee Shoppe NEW

View the Unit 9 Business simulation scenario, Tim’s Coffee Shoppe (located on the course page). The shop is located in the state of Illinois. Tim, the owner, is concerned that since he does not have his business degree, he may be missing some needed improvements and that maybe his business could run much more smoothly. Because you are a former colleague, and Tim knows that you have just received your Associate’s Degree in Business Administration at Kaplan University, he has asked for your help in evaluating his business. Tim is not asking you to make a decision for him; he just wants you to help provide him with facts as you see them.
Your task is to analyze the business and report your findings to Tim. Be sure to tell Tim everything that you can think of that will help him to update and improve his business. Tell him what he will need to deal with in terms of Improvements to his business and the challenges ahead.
You will present Tim with a report with the following structure:
Outline Sections of your Final Project (access the template on the course page):
The Coversheet should contain the title of your report, the date of submission, and your name.
The Executive Summary should provide an overview of your findings. After the Executive Summary, you will explore the four different areas of Tim’s business.
For each of these areas, you will provide a detailed report that contains a title, summary, and action items.
Title of Subsection: Name of the business area (see the Final Project template).
Summary: Provide a detailed summary of what you observed in this particular area of the business.
Describe any strengths and weaknesses.
Address the Checklist items below:
Action Items: Based on your analysis, detail for Tim what he will need to do to improve his business. Your recommendations should contain detailed directions of what needs to be done and when. Also, you should defend your recommendations by providing references that support your ideas.
What should the vision statement be for the coffee shop? What should be the mission statement for the organization?
  ?What are good short and long term goals for the coffee shop? Explain how they will be met.
  After studying the simulation, what management improvements do you feel are appropriate for?
Tim to make to help his business be successful?
? Are there any state or federal compliance issues that Tim should address based on your observations (other than HR issues)?
? What are the social responsibility considerations, if any?
2) HR Analysis:
Human Resources: Look in the file cabinet in Unit 9 Final Project scenario and then:
  ?Analyze the current HR information provided.
  Either map (using a table) or outline the HR laws you identify with which Tim’s Coffee Shoppe?
is in compliance.
  Detail what improvements Tim should make to his human resource management and state why.?
3) Marketing Analysis:
Analyze the marketing survey data from the file cabinet in Unit 9 Final project scenario and report your findings in your:
 SWOT Analysis – Create a SWOT Analysis?
4) Economic environment, Finance and Accounting:
  ?Discuss the economic environment in the retail industry and its impact on Tim’s business success.
  ?Interpret the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement in view of your knowledge of accounting/finance principles (as reviewed in Unit 6).
  Describe any problems and provide detailed directions of action items for improvement; what needs to be done and when.?