(Solution) -AB 209 Unit 5 Assignment Supply Chain Updated (Retailing of Food Supplements)


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AB 209 Unit 5 Assignment Supply Chain NEW (Retailing of Food Supplements)

The Supply Chain
In this Assignment you will practice with applying some of the concepts you examined regarding supply chains in your Learning Activity in this unit.
Imagine that your new business is product oriented; either manufacturing or retail/wholesale. Describe the supply chain that leads to your end product, and what sort of inventory control process you think would be best for your company and why. 
Checklist: You will create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of a minimum of 8 slides whichshould include an introduction slide and a references slide.
Identify the type of product business (manufacturing or retail/wholesale). Describe inputs, operations processes, and outputs. 
Describe and show (using a simple graphic) the supply chain leading to production of the product. 
Note: a simple graphic, like the example below, is easy to create.
Simple Graphic Example
You can make your own graphic by selecting the Insert tab in your Microsoft®
Office® Word document. Then select Microsoft “SmartArt®” and select the basic graphic you want to use. Once you have selected it and it displays in your Word document, right click on a geometric shape to add another, reformat the shape, change its color or you can enter text.
 Unit 5 [209: Small Business Management]
3. Outline the best inventory control process for the business and why.
 Your response should be included in a minimum of 8 PowerPoint slides plus a title and references slide, in APA format and citation style. Submit your Assignment to the Unit 5 Dropbox.