(Solution) -AB 209 Unit 7 Assignment Marketing Plan Updated (Quilts)


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AB 209 Unit 7 Assignment Marketing Plan  NEW (Quilts)
Starting your Marketing Plan
This week, you will describe the target market and the “Place” or distribution- the third “P” of the four “Ps” that address the target market in your marketing plan.
Promotion or Target  
relationship Price
Place or Distribution
In the Target Market section:
Describe your target market. For example if you are going to have a restaurant, are your customers local? Is there a certain income bracket of customer in your target market? Is it mainly a business crowd for lunch or a college crowd for evening pub-type offerings? Is your market mainly males or females? Is there a certain age?
 Use the following database to research your target market:
Go to the international database on the left hand navigation and then populate the kind of report you want, for what years, and select your countries.
 In the Place section: 
Describe where your business will be located. For example, will it be in the vicinity of 4th and Central in New Brunswick. Is it Internet-based? (If so, you will still have a target market
— it will not be everybody everywhere).
 Unit 7 [209: Small Business Management]
  Describe how your location caters to your target market. If yours is an Internet or manufacturing business, describe how you will distribute product/services to your target customers. Summarize these two sections of your marketing plan in a Word document in APA format and citation style and be sure to the section headings above so your instructor can follow your thinking.
Then submit your minimum 1–2 page paper (including an additional title and reference page) and submit this to the Unit 7 Dropbox.