(Solution) -ABS 200 Week 2 Assignment Case Study Selection Updated (Case Study 1 Severe Depression)


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ABS 200 Week 2 Assignment Case Study Selection NEW (Case Study 1 Severe Depression)

Case Study Selection. Listen to the short podcast lecture on the assignment page of your online course to get helpful tips for completing this assignment. This week you will select a case study you want to examine throughout the course. Each case study presents a topic and area of psychology. These topics will be used to study specific areas of psychology and will provide you with an opportunity to examine the uses of applied behavioral science. For example, if you select Case Study #1, you will explore the topic of severe depression from the clinical psychology perspective. If you select Case Study #5, you will explore motivation from the industrial organizational psychology perspective. For each case, you will also indicate why this topic and area of psychology are of interest to you. See the attached ABS200 Case Study List to review the case studies and make your choice.
The paper should clearly identify your case study selection, explain why you have decided to focus on this particular topic and area of psychology for your Final Paper, and explain the importance of the topic. Begin your paper with a well- written introduction that includes a succinct thesis statement, and end your paper with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis. For assistance with creating a thesis statement, utilize the Thesis Generator tool on the Ashford University Writing Center website.