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ABS 200 Week 2 DQ 1 The Problem of Pain NEW
The Problem of Pain. Ensure you have finished the required reading and reviewed any relevant Instructor Guidance prior to completing this discussion. Address the following in your post:
Think about a painful experience in your life. Please do not share anything that might make you uncomfortable in a public forum. Your experience could be something as simple as burning your hand on the stove, a trip to the dentist, etc.
Describe the experience of feeling pain in that situation and how it might be explained through the terminology outlined in your reading.
Based on the reading, identify one of the pain management techniques that you feel would best reduce the pain experience in this situation.
Examine the application of your selected pain management technique in relation to the same situation within a different culture. Explain the role of the perception of pain and the impact of culture on perception of pain.
What (if any) usage trends of specific pain-management techniques are you able to identify?