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BUS 322 chapter 11 quiz NEW


1 Kiva is representative of “people empowering people” by:  
2 The power base of the future will likely be: 
3 A manager who is considered Machiavellian would rely on what type of power?
4 Korda's symbols of power focus on status or:  
5 The first step in managing political behavior is:  
6 According to McClelland, when a manager treats others as objects to be utilized to get ahead, or views situations as win-lose, the manager is using which form of power?  
7 As a management trainee, you are assigned to a mentor and gain considerable insight into the nature of management and how to behave in different managerial situations. The relationship you have with the mentor is based on _____ power.  
8 Actions not officially sanctioned by an organization that are taken to influence others in order to meet one's personal goals are called:  
9 The range in which attempts to influence the employee are perceived as legitimate and are acted on without a great deal of thought is known as:  
10 Enlarging an employee's zone of indifference is accomplished by:
11 McClelland's two faces of power include:  
12 McClelland's positive face of power is:  
13 Which of the following personality characteristics is central to empowerment?
14 It is easier to encourage employee empowerment when the organization highly values _____ and _____ power.
15 Kanter's focus on power is in terms of one's: