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AB 213 Unit 3 Assignment Improved Purchasing and Menu (Silver lining Resort) NEW

Silver Lining Resort in Colorado has a brisk all-year-round business. You have just been hired as the restaurants’ new Restaurants Manager for the resort. There have been many management concerns regarding the way the restaurants have been run at the resort. They hope you will remedy the current situations.
The General Manager you a list of the current concerns and hopes you can solve the problems that
have been occurring at all three eating establishments.
Checklist: Detail what changes you want the Restaurant Managers to make at their restaurants and explain why. Remember, you want to direct them towards better choices and standards.
  •The two restaurants and one café have all had very high vendor prices (from the sole vendor Dorado Foods Inc.) with regards to food item orders.
  •There has been considerable waste involved lately as the cases of half empty food stuffs have been found repeatedly in the trash bins.
  •The revenues are down and the customers are complaining that the fare is less than healthy.
Write a minimum 2–3 page memo in APA format and style to the managers of the three restaurants.
Disclaimer: The organization and characters depicted in this exercise are fictional. Any resemblance to real organizations or individuals is purely coincidental.
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