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BUS 322 chapter 17 quiz NEW


16 Someone with a security/stability career anchor would prefer work as a/an:
17 The pattern of work-related experiences that span the course of a person's life is known as:
18 A person's most significant career achievements are likely to occur in the _____ career stage.  
19 A relationship where both people have important career roles is called:  
20 Which type of support in psychological contracts provides empathy, esteem, caring, or love?  
21 According to Levinson, an important personal life transition that includes separation from parents and greater emotional and financial independence occurs during the:
22 Self-perceived talents, motives, and values that guide an individual's career decisions are called:
23 Individuals reassess their goals and feel the need to make changes in their career dreams during which stage of the career stage model?
24 KPMG has provided a fluid and supportive program focusing on work-life balance, including alternative work arrangements like compressed workweeks, flextime, and telecommuting for:
25 Work-home conflicts are typically first encountered during which phase of the career stage?  
26 Sequences of job experiences along which employees move during their career is known as:
27 An implicit agreement between an individual and an organization that specifies what each is expected to give and receive in the relationship is known as:
28 A relatively new source of work-home conflict is:  
29 The most difficult phase of a mentoring relationship is:  
30 The best way to stay employed is to: