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ABS 200 Week 4 DQ 2 School Shooting Aftermath NEW
School Shooting Aftermath. View the Punishing Parents video, read the “Talking to Children About Violence” (NASP, 2006) article, complete your required text reading, and review any relevant Instructor Guidance prior to completing this discussion.
Mr. Williams teaches tenth grade in a community where a student opened fire at another nearby high school. The students in his classes are upset at the news of the shooting and that the student has been identified as a recent transfer from their own school. He comes to you as the school psychologist for direction. For your initial post:
Specify some strategies teachers can use to help students cope with stressful events such as this. 
Identify trends that may provide insights into and assistance with coping in the aftermath of this type of tragic event.
Briefly discuss how you would address the Why? question that surrounds events like this.
Lastly, examine the issue of responsibility. Defend your position by generalizing some of the pros and cons that might be associated with each of your recommended strategies.