(Solution) -AB 213 Unit 4 Assignment Purchasing and Receiving Food and Beverage Items (West Palm Beach) Updated


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AB 213 Unit 4 Assignment Purchasing and Receiving Food and Beverage Items (West Palm Beach) NEW

Based on your Unit readings and the following scenario, respond to this Assignment.
Large restaurants and food service organizations set purchasing objectives that ensure an efficient operation. The purchasing manager develops the specifications for purchasing products for a menu item. The Manager establishes a par level to ensure enough products are available during the order period. Product purchasing, receiving and storing involves careful planning and attention to detail.
A corporate customer is having a shrimp fest with open bar to be provided poolside at your resort in
West Palm Beach, Florida for 250 employees. Based on the methodology suggested in the textbook to calculate perishable items, determine the need to order more shrimp or beer from your vendor to maintain par levels established.
Menu specifications:
1 case of shrimp (12 boxes) = 5 pounds per box Product usage rate: 3 cases per order period Order period: 14 days
Lead time: 3 days after receipt of PO
Poolside Bar:
Premium brand liquor Beer, wine, soft drinks Mixers
Assignment Checklist:
1. Determine the maximum number of cases of shrimp and the amount of beverages that should be available in inventory to meet the demands for the item (the par level) for this group.
2. Determinetherequiredsanitaryandsafetyproceduresforhandlingboththeshrimp(andany condiments) and the beverages poolside.
Submit your response in a minimum 2–3 page APA formatted paper (also include an additional title and references page) to the Dropbox.