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BUS 322 chapter 3 quiz NEW 


Which type of situation is interpreted the same way by different individuals, evoking agreement on the appropriate behavior in the situation?
2 A relatively stable set of characteristics that influence an individual's behavior defines:
3 The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory:
4 Attribution theory helps to __________ behavior in organizations.
5 Generalized self-efficacy is the:  
6 Achievement-oriented individuals attribute their success to:  
7 The way in which factors such as skills, abilities, personalities, perceptions, attitudes, values, and ethics differ from one individual to another is referred to as:
8 The primacy effect is also known as:  
9 The most common method of assessing personality is the:  
10 The extent to which people base their behaviour on cues from other people and situations refers to:  
11 Individuals with positive affect are:  
12 In an interview situation, the interviewer's first impression of the interviewee (or target) is likely to be based upon:  
13   The three major categories of factors that influence one’s perception of another person include:
14 The process of interpreting information about another person is:  
15 A supervisor's high expectations of a new employee and the subsequent high performance of that employee is known as: